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An aggregation approach to short-term traffic flow predictionTan, MC; Wong, SC; Xu, JM; Guan, ZR; Zhang, P2009178
Evolution of photoluminescence mechanisms of Si +-implanted SiO 2 films with thermal annealingDing, L; Chen, TP; Liu, Y; Ng, CY; Yang, M; Wong, JI; Zhu, FR; Tan, MC; Fung, S; Chen, XD; Huang, Y200863
An algorithm for finding reasonable paths in transit networksTan, MC; Tong, CO; Wong, SC; Xu, JM2007195
Photon-induced conduction modulation in SiO 2 thin films embedded with Ge nanocrystalsDing, L; Chen, TP; Yang, M; Wong, JI; Liu, Y; Yu, SF; Zhu, FR; Tan, MC; Fung, S; Tung, CH; Trigg, AD2007234
Influence of charge trapping on electroluminescence from Si-nanocrystal light emitting structureLiu, Y; Chen, TP; Ding, L; Yang, M; Wong, JI; Ng, CY; Yu, SF; Li, ZX; Yuen, C; Zhu, FR; Tan, MC; Fung, S2007450
Influence of nanocrystal size on optical properties of Si nanocrystals embedded in Si O2 synthesized by Si ion implantationDing, L; Chen, TP; Liu, Y; Yang, M; Wong, JI; Liu, YC; Trigg, AD; Zhu, FR; Tan, MC; Fung, S200785
Dynamic discrete traffic model of freeway with multiple lanesTan, MC; Tong, CO; Xu, JM2002118
A schedule-based dynamic transit network model - Recent advances and prospective future researchTong, CO; Wong, SC; Poon, MH; Tan, MC2001136
Traffic assignment model of inductive link resistance equilibrium in transportation networksTan, MC; Xu, JM; Tong, CO200198
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