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Protocol driven assessment programme effectively shortens new case waiting time
Hospital Authority.
Leung, SK; Woo, YC; Lau, TWT; Hui, EYL; Tan, KCB; Chow, WS; Yeung, CY; Yuen, MYA; Lee, PCH; Lee, ACH; Wong, KKC; Leung, ELY; Lam, KSL201379
Effect of intensifying glycemic control on vasomotor function in subjects with type I diabetes mellitus.
American Diabetes Association. The Journal's web site is located at
Chow, WS; Tse, HF; Tan, KCB; Lo, KW; Lam, KSL2004124
Low concentrations of 17b-estradiol may potentiate antioxidant effects of Vitamine C and Vitamine E on low density lipoprotein oxidation
Archives of Pharmacology
Huang, M; Li, JP; Teoh, H; Tan, KCB; Man, RYK1998123
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