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Split-Drain Magnetic Field-Effect TGransistor Channel Charge Trapping and Stress Induced Sensitivity DeteriorationYANG, Z; SIU, SL; Tam, WS; Kok, CW; Leung, CW; Wong, H; Tang, WM; Pong, PWT201333
Magnetic Sensing Dynamic Range of Sectorial Split-Drain Magnetic Field-Effect TransistorSIU, SL; YANG, Z; Tam, WS; Kok, CW; Leung, CW; Lai, PT; Wong, H; Tang, WM; Pong, PWT201336
Laser Spectroscopy of Nil: New Electronic States and Hyperfine StructureCheung, ASC; Pang, HF; Tam, WS; Ye, J; Leung, WH2009135
Laser spectroscopy of NiI: New electronic states and hyperfine structureCheung, ASC; Pang, HF; Tam, WS; Leung, JWH200985
Near infrared laser spectroscopy of NiITam, WS; Ye, J; Cheung, ASC2004116
Near-infrared laser spectroscopy of NilTam, WS; Ye, J; Cheung, ASC2004318
Laser spectroscopy of the b3∏-X1∑ transition of HfSLeung, JWH; Tam, WS; Ran, Q; Cheung, ASC200383
Hyperfine structure of the [14.6]2D5/2-X2D5/2 band of NiITam, WS; Leung, WH; Cheung, ASC200394
Hyperfine structure of the near infrared transitions of CoI and CoClWong, L; Tam, WS; Cheung, ASC200382
Laser spectroscopy of NiI: Ground and low-lying electronic statesTam, WS; Leung, JWH; Hu, SM; Cheung, ASC2003332
Near infrared spectroscopy of CoIWong, L; Tam, WS; Cheung, ASC200397
Laser spectroscopy of VS: Hyperfine and rotational structure of the C4∑--X4∑- transitionRan, Q; Tam, WS; Cheung, ASC; Merer, AJ2003102
Rotational and hyperfine analysis of the near infrared 3Φ4-X3Φ4 transitions of CoCl and ColWong, AL; Tam, WS; Cheung, ASC2003308
Laser spectroscopy of CoI and NiILeung, WH; Wong, AL; Tam, WS; Cheung, ASC200289
Hyperfine structure of the B2S+ - X2S+ transition of LaSCheung, ASC; Tam, WS; Leung, WH; He, S200280
Laser spectroscopy of LaS: Hyperfine structure in the B2Σ+-X2Σ+ (0,0) bandHe, SG; Tam, WS; Leung, JWH; Cheung, ASC2002519
Laser spectroscopy of NiITam, WS; Hu, S; Leung, WH; Cheung, ASC200287
Ground State of FeCCheung, ASC; Leung, JWH; Tam, WS; Qin, R200183
Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy of CrSShi, Q; Ran, Q; Tam, WS; Leung, JWH; Cheung, ASC2001112
Near infrared laser spectroscopy of FeCLeung, JWH; Tam, WS; Ran, Q; Cheung, ASC2001126
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