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B-cell-targeted therapies in systemic lupus erythematosus.Chan, VSF; Tsang, HL; Tam, CY; Lu, L; Lau, WCS201332
FEV 3, FEV 6 and their derivatives for detecting airflow obstruction in adult ChineseLam, DCL; Fong, DYT; Yu, WC; Ko, FWS; Lau, ACW; Chan, JWM; Choo, KL; Mok, TYW; Tam, CY; Ip, MSM; ChanYeung, MMW201284
FEV3, FEV6 and their derivatives for detecting airflow obstruction in adult ChineseLam, CLD; Fong, DYT; Yu, WC; Ko, FW; Lau, AC; Chan, JW; Choo, KL; Mok, TY; Tam, CY; Ip, MSM; Chan, MMW2012136
Itch interacts with the pre-initiation complex for gene transcriptionLui, WY; Tam, CY2009104
Association of the E3 ubiquitin ligase, Itch, with the pre-initiation complex and its putative role in RNA Pol II-dependent transcription. The 91st Endocrine Society Annual Meeting. Jun 10-13, 2009. Washington, DC, U.S.A.Tam, CY; Lee, WWM; Lui, WY2009145
Oral health education for Parkinson's disease patients in Hong KongMcGrath, CPJ; Wong, MCM; Cheung, GCY; Chu, KW; Kei, IC; Lee, WH; Ling, CPY; Siu, SY; Tam, CY; Wong, K2009112
The burden of lung disease in Hong Kong: A report from the Hong Kong Thoracic SocietyChanYeung, M; Lai, CKW; Chan, KS; Cheung, AHK; Yao, TJ; Ho, ASS; Ko, FW; Yam, LY; Wong, PC; Tsang, KW; Lam, WK; Ho, JC; Chu, CM; Yu, WC; Chan, HS; Ip, MSM; Hui, DS; Tam, CY2008347
Treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome with lopinavir/ritonavir: A multicentre retrospective matched cohort studyChan, KS; Lai, ST; Chu, CM; Tsui, E; Tam, CY; Wong, MML; Tse, MW; Que, TL; Peiris, JSM; Sung, J; Wong, VCW; Yuen, KY2003317
Kartagener's syndrome: a re-visit with Chinese perspectivesTsang, KWT; Ip, MSM; Ooi, CGC; Wong, MP; Ho, CS; Sun, JZ; Tam, CY; Lam, WK1998113
Chemotherapy of tuberculosis in Hong Kong: a consensus statementLam, WK; Leung, CC; Chan, CK; Chang, KC; Chen, NK; Yew, WW; Chan, YC; Lam, CW; Chan, KS; Yu, WC; Chan, HS; Yung, WH; Yam, YC; Tam, CY; Lai, KW1998449
Kartagena's Syndrome in Chinese patientsTsang, KWT; Ip, MSM; Ho, CS; Lam, WK; Ooi, C; Tam, CY; Wong, MB1997117
Kartagener's syndrome in chinese patientsTsang, KWT; Ip, MSM; Ho, CS; Lam, WK; Ooi, CGC; Tam, CY; Wong, MP199794
The clinical profile and respiratory ciliary assessment in Kartageners syndromeTsang, KWT; Ip, MSM; Lam, WK; Ho, CS; Tam, CY; Wong, MB1997150
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