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In vitro effect of hesperidin on root dentin collagen and de/re-mineralizationIslam, S; Hiraishi, N; Nassar, M; Sono, R; Otsuki, M; Takatsura, T; Yiu, C; Tagami, J2012128
Ten-year observation of dentin bonding durability of 4-META/MMA-TBB resin cement -a SEM and TEM studyAoki, K; Kitasako, Y; Ichinose, S; Burrow, MF; Ariyoshi, M; Nikaido, T; Tagami, J2011104
Validation of swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) for the diagnosis of occlusal cariesShimada, Y; Sadr, A; Burrow, MF; Tagami, J; Ozawa, N; Sumi, Y2010243
Antimicrobial efficacy of 3.8% silver diamine fluoride and its effect on root dentinHiraishi, N; Yiu, CKY; King, NM; Tagami, J; Tay, FR2010194
The clinical application of surface pH measurements to longitudinally assess white spot enamel lesions.Kitasako, Y; Cochrane, NJ; Khairul, M; Shida, K; Adams, GG; Burrow, MF; Reynolds, EC; Tagami, J2010126
Resin bonding to dentine after casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP-ACP) treatmentsSattabanasuk, V; Burrow, MF; Shimada, Y; Tagami, J2009240
Localization of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs-2, 8, 9 and 20) in normal and carious dentineShimada, Y; Ichinose, S; Sadr, A; Burrow, MF; Tagami, J200985
Micro-shear bond strengths and etching efficacy of a two-step self-etching adhesive system to fluorosed and non-fluorosed enamelShida, K; Kitasako, Y; Burrow, MF; Tagami, J2009199
A simplified quantitative test-adapted Checkbuf test-for resting saliva buffering capacity compared with a standard testKitasako, Y; Burrow, MF; Huq, LN; Stacey, MA; Reynolds, EC; Tagami, J200980
Effect of resin coating on dentin bond durability of a resin cement over 1 yearNikaido, T; Kitasako, Y; Burrow, MF; Umino, A; Maruoka, R; Ikeda, M; Tagami, J2008121
Comparison of enamel and dentin microshear bond strengths of a two-step self-etching priming system with five all-in-one systemsBurrow, MF; Kitasako, Y; Thomas, CD; Tagami, J2008163
Relationship between quantitative assessments of salivary buffering capacity and ion activity product for hydroxyapatite in relation to cariogenic potentialAiuchi, H; Kitasako, Y; Fukuda, Y; Nakashima, S; Burrow, MF; Tagami, J2008154
A technique using resin composite with orthodontic wire to replace a missing tooth rapidlyKitasako, Y; Ikeda, M; Burrow, MF; Tagami, J2008163
Comparative analysis of three commercial saliva testing kits with a standard saliva buffering testKitasako, Y; Burrow, MF; Stacey, M; Huq, L; Reynolds, EC; Tagami, J2008165
Technique sensitivity associated with air-drying of HEMA-free, single-bottle, one-step self-etch adhesivesHiraishi, N; Breschi, L; Prati, C; Ferrari, M; Tagami, J; King, NM2007158
Retrospective study of the 10-year clinical performance of direct resin composite restorations placed with the acid-etch technique.Nikaido, T; Takada, T; Kitasako, Y; Ogata, M; Shimada, Y; Yoshikawa, T; Nakajima, M; Otsuki, M; Tagami, J; Burrow, MF2007106
Shear bond characteristics of a tooth-colored temporary coating material to enamelImamiya, C; Shimada, Y; Burrow, MF; Tagami, J2007151
The effect of thermal stress on bonding durability of resin composite adaptation to the cavity wallWattanawongpitak, N; Yoshikawa, T; Burrow, MF; Tagami, J2007111
Resin adhesion to caries-affected dentine after different removal methodsSattabanasuk, V; Burrow, MF; Shimada, Y; Tagami, J2006127
The pH change after HCl titration into resting and stimulated saliva for a buffering capacity testMoritsuka, M; Kitasako, Y; Burrow, MF; Ikeda, M; Tagami, J2006252
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