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The Immunomodulatory and Anticancer Properties of PropolisChan, GCF; Cheung, KW; Sze, DMY201387
Effects of Beta-Glucans on Different Immune Cell Populations and CancersSze, DMY; Chan, GCF2012143
Brazilian green propolis and its constituent, Artepillin C inhibits allogeneic activated human CD4 T cells expansion and activationCheung, KW; Sze, DMY; Chan, WK; Deng, RX; Tu, W; Chan, GCF2011121
American Society of Hematology Education Program Book 2009;p302-309.Sze, DMY; Chan, GCF2009138
Arsenic trioxide for non-acute promyelocytic leukemia hematological malignancies: a new frontier.Zhou, L; Hou, J; Chan, GCF; Sze, DMY2009288
Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi mushroom) for cancer treatmentJin, X; Ruiz Beguerie, J; Sze, DMY; Chan, GCF200992
Artepillin C could suppress allogeneic human CD4T cells proliferation as brazilian green propolis but with different mechanisms.Cheung, KW; Sze, DMY; Koo, MWL; Chan, GCF2009120
The Immunomodulatory Effects of Propolis from Different Origins on Human Immune CellsCheung, KW; Sze, DMY; Koo, MWL; Chan, GCF200775
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