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Mapping of BrdU label-retaining dental pulp cells in growing teeth and their regenerative capacity after injuriesIshikawa, Y; IdaYonemochi, H; Suzuki, H; NakakuraOhshima, K; Jung, HS; Honda, MJ; Ishii, Y; Watanabe, N; Ohshima, H201069
Pulpal regeneration following allogenic tooth transplantation into mouse maxillaUnno, H; Suzuki, H; NakakuraOhshima, K; Jung, HS; Ohshima, H200986
Capacity of dental pulp differentiation in mouse molars as demonstrated by allogenic tooth transplantationTakamori, Y; Suzuki, H; NakakuraOhshima, K; Cai, J; Cho, SW; Jung, HS; Ohshima, H200876
Responses of dental pulp stem cells against exogenous stimuliIshikawa, Y; NakakuraOhshima, K; Kenmotsu, SI; Suzuki, H; Jung, HS; Ohshima, H200740
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