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Digestive cancer management in Asia: position statements: a report on GI Oncology Summit in 2011Sung, JJ; Ng, EK; Lin, JT; Ho, KY; Ji, JF; Sugano, K; Poon, RTP; Chan, AT; Goh, KL; Han, KH; Chen, LL; Wu, KC; Ng, SS; Bresalier, RS; Chan, FK; Yau, TCC201233
Proteomic analysis reveals platelet factor 4 and beta-thromboglobulin as prognostic markers in severe acute respiratory syndromePoon, TC; Pang, RT; Chan, KA; Lee, NL; Chiu, RW; Tong, YK; Chim, SS; Ngai, SM; Sung, JJ; Lo, YMD201248
Anti-inflammatory activities of a Chinese herbal formula IBS-20 in vitro and in vivoYang, Z; Grinchuk, V; Ip, SP; Che, CT; Fong, HHS; Lao, L; Wu, JC; Sung, JJ; Berman, B; SheaDonohue, T; Zhao, A201246
Establishment of public norovirus genome database in Hong Kong.Leung, WK; Chan, HL; Lai, RW; Sung, JJ201057
The host defense peptide LL-37 activates the tumor-suppressing bone morphogenetic protein signaling via inhibition of proteasome in gastric cancer cellsWu, WKK; Sung, JJ; To, KF; Yu, L; Li, HT; Li, ZJ; Chu, KM; Yu, J; Cho, CH2010210
Immunogenetics in SARS: a case-control study.Ng, MH; Cheng, SH; Lau, KM; Leung, GM; Khoo, US; Zee, BC; Sung, JJ2010292
Development of an in vitro cell culture model for human noroviruses and its clinical application.Leung, WK; Chan, PK; Lee, NL; Sung, JJ201075
Differential expression of microRNAs in plasma of colorectal cancer patients: a potential marker for colorectal cancer screeningSung, JJ; Chong, WS; Jin, HC; Lam, EKY; Shin, VY; Yu, J; Poon, TCW; Ng, SS; Ng, EKO2009109
Prostaglandin E receptors, EP2 and EP4, mediated 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone promoted gastric carcinogenesisShin, VY; Jin, HC; Ng, EK; Yu, J; Cho, CH; Leung, WK; Sung, JJ200980
Repeat-screening colonoscopy 5 years after normal baseline-screening colonoscopy in average-risk chinese: A prospective studyLeung, WK; Lau, JY; Suen, BY; Wong, GL; Chow, DK; Lai, LH; To, KF; Yim, CK; Lee, ES; Tsoi, KK; Ng, SS; Sung, JJ2009136
Development of interfering RNA agents to inhibit SARS-associated coronavirus infection and replication.He, ML; Zheng, BJ; Chen, Y; Wong, KL; Huang, JD; Lin, MC; Yuen, KY; Sung, JJ; Kung, HF200963
MicroRNA-143 is a potential tumor suppressor targeting DNA methyltransferases 3a in colorectal cancerNg, EKO; Tsang, WP; Ng, SS; Jin, HC; Yu, J; Rocken, C; Ebert, MPA; Sung, JJ; Kwok, TT2009128
Screening for gastric cancer in Asia: current evidence and practiceLeung, WK; Wu, Ms; Kakugawa, Y; Kim, JJ; Yeoh, Kg; Goh, KL; Wu, Kc; Wu, Dc; Sollano, J; Kachintorn, U; Gotoda, T; Lin, Jt; You, Wc; Ng, EK; Sung, JJ2008111
Inhibition of HBV gene expression and replication by stably expressed interferon-α1 via adeno-associated viral vectorsLi, Z; Yao, H; Ma, Y; Dong, Q; Chen, Y; Peng, Y; Zheng, BJ; Huang, JD; Chan, CY; Lin, MC; Sung, JJ; Yuen, KY; Kung, HF; He, ML2008220
Small bowel enteropathy associated with chronic low-dose aspirin therapyLeung, WK; Bjarnason, I; Wong, VW; Sung, JJ; Chan, FK200747
Targeted inhibition of COX-2 expression by RNA interference suppresses tumor growth and potentiates chemosensitivity to cisplatin in human gastric cancer cells.Chan, MW; Wong, CY; Cheng, AS; Chan, VY; Chan, KK; To, KF; Chan, FK; Sung, JJ; Leung, WK200770
Proteomic analysis of EZH2 downstream target proteins in hepatocellular carcinomaChen, Y; Lin, MCM; Wang, H; Chan, CY; Jiang, L; Sai, MN; Yu, J; He, ML; Shaw, PC; Yew, DT; Sung, JJ; Kung, HF2007188
Rethinking the safety of clopidogrel: Answers from ulcers in AsiaChan, FKL; Ching, JY; Hung, LC; Wong, VW; Leung, VK; Kung, NN; Hui, AJ; Wu, JC; Leung, WK; Lee, VW; Lee, KK; Lee, YT; Lau, JY; To, KF; Chan, HL; Chung, SC; Sung, JJ; Speigel, B; Dulai, G200556
A cost comparison of management of chronic hepatitis B and its associated complications in Hong Kong and Singapore.Li, SC; Ong, SC; Lim, SG; Yeoh, KG; Kwong, KS; Lee, V; Lee, W; Lau, J; Wong, I; Kung, N; Leung, WT; Chan, HL; Chan, FK; Sung, JJ; Lee, KK2004102
Cyclooxygenase-2 pathway correlates with vascular endothelial growth factor expression and tumor angiogenesis in hepatitis B virus-associated hepatocellular carcinoma.Cheng, AS; Chan, HL; To, KF; Leung, WK; Chan, KK; Liew, CT; Sung, JJ200459
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