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Effect of magnetic field on electron transport in HgTe/CdTe quantum wells: numerical analysisChen, JC; Wang, J; Sun, QF2012136
Dephasing effect on transport of a graphene p-n junction in a quantum Hall regimeChen, JC; Zhang, H; Shen, SQ; Sun, QF2011155
Quantum Andreev effect in two-dimensional HgTe/CdTe quantum well/superconductor systemsSun, QF; Li, YX; Long, W; Wang, J2011550
Parity of specular Andreev reflection under a mirror operation in a zigzag graphene ribbonXing, Y; Wang, J; Sun, QF2011290
Electronic transport through a graphene-based ferromagnetic/normal/ ferromagnetic junctionChen, JC; Cheng, SG; Shen, SQ; Sun, QF2010207
Focusing of electron flow in a bipolar graphene ribbon with different chiralitiesXing, Y; Wang, J; Sun, QF2010542
Theoretical investigation of how edge states are destroyed in disordered mesoscopic samplesQiao, Z; Wang, J; Sun, QF; Guo, H2009488
Controllable Andreev retroreflection and specular Andreev reflection in a four-terminal graphene-superconductor hybrid systemCheng, SG; Xing, Y; Wang, J; Sun, QF2009509
Nernst and Seebeck effects in a graphene nanoribbonXing, Y; Sun, QF; Wang, J2009577
Magnetic field effects on quantum-dot spin valvesGao, JH; Sun, QF; Xie, XC200963
Influence of dephasing on the quantum Hall effect and the spin Hall effectXing, YX; Sun, QF; Wang, J2008138
Persistent spin current in nanodevices and definition of the spin currentSun, QF; Xie, XC; Wang, J200892
Conductance plateau in quantum spin transport through an interacting quantum dotBao, YJ; Tong, NH; Sun, QF; Shen, SQ2008147
Spin bias measurement based on a quantum point contactXing, YX; Sun, QF; Wang, J2008150
Disorder-induced enhancement of transport through graphene p-n junctionsLong, W; Sun, QF; Wang, J2008312
Self-assembly, structures, and photophysical properties of 4,4′-bipyrazolate-linked metallo-macrocycles with dimetal clipsSun, QF; Wong, KMC; Liu, LX; Huang, HP; Yu, SY; Yam, VWW; Li, YZ; Pan, YJ; Yu, KC200857
Au36 crown: A macrocyclization directed by metal-metal bonding interactionsYu, SY; Sun, QF; Lee, TKM; Cheng, ECC; Li, YZ; Yam, VWW2008157
Double quantum dot as detector of spin biasSun, QF; Xing, Y; Shen, SQ2008116
Self-assembly of a neutral luminescent Au 12 cluster with D 2 symmetrySun, QF; Lee, TKM; Li, PZ; Yao, LY; Huang, JJ; Huang, J; Yu, SY; Li, YZ; Cheng, ECC; Yam, VWW200874
Measuring the phonon-assisted spectral function by using a nonequilibrium three-terminal single-molecular deviceSong, J; Sun, QF; Gao, J; Xie, XC200753
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