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Cartographic techniques for communicating class separability: Enhanced choropleth maps of median household income, IowaSun, M; Kronenfeld, BJ; Wong, DW201316
A novel automatic voltage control architecture based on the infrastructures in the smart gridLin, Y; Sun, M; Hou, Y201253
Optimal time-weighted H2 model reduction for Markovian jump systemsSun, M; Lam, J; Xu, S; Shu, Z2012133
Genome-wide association study identifies five loci associated with susceptibility to pancreatic cancer in Chinese populationsWu, C; Miao, X; Huang, L; Che, X; Jiang, G; Yu, D; Yang, X; Cao, G; Hu, Z; Zhou, Y; Zuo, C; Wang, C; Zhang, X; Zhou, Y; Yu, X; Dai, W; Li, Z; Shen, H; Liu, L; Chen, Y; Zhang, S; Wang, X; Zhai, K; Chang, J; Liu, Y; Sun, M; Cao, W; Gao, J; Ma, Y; Zheng, X; Cheung, ST; Jia, Y; Xu, J; Tan, W; Zhao, P; Wu, T; Wang, C; Lin, D2012253
Methylation of the candidate biomarker TCF21 is very frequent across a spectrum of early-stage nonsmall cell lung cancersRichards, KL; Zhang, B; Sun, M; Dong, W; Churchill, J; Bachinski, LL; Wilson, CD; Baggerly, KA; Yin, G; Hayes, DN; Wistuba, II; Krahe, R2011154
Incorporating data quality information in mapping American Community Survey dataSun, M; Wong, DWS201021
Effect of microwave irradiation on the flow of micro-particle suspension (TiO2/H2O) in micro-Scale porous StructureDi, Q; Yang, J; Sun, M; Wang, L2010390
Fractal characterization of Astragalus slices under various microwave assisted extraction conditionsDi, Q; Yang, J; Sun, M; Wang, L2010252
HER family receptor abnormalities in lung cancer brain metastases and corresponding primary tumorsSun, M; Behrens, C; Feng, L; Ozburn, N; Tang, X; Yin, G; Komaki, R; VarellaGarcia, M; Waun, KH; Aldape, KD; Wistuba, II2009101
Corrigendum to: "Robust exponential stabilization for Markovian jump systems with mode-dependent input delay" [Automatica 43 (10) (2008) 1799-1807] (DOI:10.1016/j.automatica.2007.03.005)Sun, M; Lam, J; Xu, S; Zou, Y200853
Inhibition of hepatic stellate cell activation following Yinchenhao decoction administration to dimethylnitrosamine-treated ratsLiu, C; Sun, M; Yan, X; Han, L; Zhang, Y; Liu, C; ElNezami, H; Liu, P2008140
Cloning and expression of PDK4, FOXO1A and DYRK1A from the hibernating greater horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum)Chen, J; Sun, M; Liang, B; Xu, A; Zhang, S; Wu, D2007113
Robust exponential stabilization for Markovian jump systems with mode-dependent input delaySun, M; Lam, J; Xu, S; Zou, Y200775
Upregulation and activation of PKCα by ErbB2 through Src promotes breast cancer cell invasion that can be blocked by combined treatment with PKCα and Src inhibitorsTan, M; Li, P; Sun, M; Yin, G; Yu, D200697
ErbB2 increases vascular endothelial growth factor protein synthesis via activation of mammalian target of rapamycin/p70S6K leading to increased angiogenesis and spontaneous metastasis of human breast cancer cellsKlos, KS; Wyszomierski, SL; Sun, M; Tan, M; Zhou, X; Li, P; Yang, W; Yin, G; Hittelman, WN; Yu, D2006113
Screening and identification of linear B-cell epitopes and entry-blocking peptide of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-associated coronavirus using synthetic overlapping peptide libraryHu, H; Li, L; Kao, RY; Kou, B; Wang, Z; Zhang, L; Zhang, H; Hao, Z; Tsui, WH; Ni, A; Cui, L; Fan, B; Guo, F; Rao, S; Jiang, C; Li, Q; Sun, M; He, W; Liu, G2005102
LA-CP-MS U-Pb zircon ages of the Liaohe Group in the Eastern Block of the North China Craton: constraints on the evolution of the Jiao-Liao-Ji OrogenLuo, Y; Sun, M; Luo, Y; Sun, M; Zhao, GC; Li, SZ; Xu, P; Ye, K; Xia, XP2005121
Hydrogen peroxide produced by two amino acid oxidases mediates antibacterial actionsZhang, H; Yang, Q; Sun, M; Teng, M; Niu, L200472
H∞ control for uncertain neutral systems via non-fragile state feedback controllersXu, S; Lam, J; Zou, Y; Sun, M2004584
Decreased Anxiety, Altered Place Learning, and Increased CA1 Basal Excitatory Synaptic Transmission in Mice with Conditional Ablation of the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule L1Law, JWS; Lee, AYW; Sun, M; Nikonenko, AG; Chung, SK; Dityatev, A; Schachner, M; Morellini, F2003144
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