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BKCa and hEag1 channels regulate cell proliferation and differentiation in human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells.ZHANG, Y; Yue, J; CHE, H; Sun, H; Tse, HF; Li, GR201429
Lumbrokinase attenuates diabetic nephropathy through regulating extracellular matrix degradation in Streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.Sun, H; Ge, N; Shao, M; Cheng, X; Li, Y; Li, S; Shen, J201357
Distinctive density,biophysical properties, and pharmacology of voltage-gated sodium current in atrial and ventricular myocytes. Heart Rhythm 34th Annual Scientific Sessions. May 8-11, 2013. Denver, Colorado, USALi, GR; Chen, K; Sun, H201326
A semi-analytical finite element method for a class of time-fractional diffusion equationsSun, H; Chen, W; Sze, KY201330
EGFR Tyrosine kinase regulates small conductance Ca2+-activated K+ (hSKCa1) channels expressed in HEK 293 cellsWu, W; Sun, H; Deng, XL; Li, GR201341
Deterministic Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Designing Short DNA WordsKao, MY; Leung, HCM; Sun, H; Zhang, Y201329
Functional transient receptor potential canonical type 1 channels in human atrial myocytesZHANG, Y; WU, H; CHE, H; Sun, H; Cheng, LC; Li, X; Au, TWK; Tse, HF; Li, GR201321
Properties and Molecular Determinants of the Natural Flavone Acacetin for Blocking hKv4.3 ChannelsWu, H; Sun, H; Wu, W; Zhang, Y; Qin, GW; Li, GR201334
Cholesterol down-regulates BK channels stably expressed in HEK 293 cellsWu, W; Wang, Y; Deng, XL; Sun, H; Li, GR201318
The natural flavone acacetin blocks kv4.3 current by interacting with P-loop filter helix of the channelWu, H; Wu, W; Sun, H; Li, GR201255
Functional ion channels in human cardiac C-Kit+ progenitor cellsZhang, Y; Sun, H; Li, GR201242
Functional transient receptor potential channels in human cardiac c-kit cellsChe, H; Sun, H; Li, GR201236
Roles of functional ion channels in human cardiac c-kit+ progenitor cellsZhang, Y; Sun, H; Li, GR201246
Epidemic forwarding in mobile social networksSun, H; Wu, C201268
Evidence for functional expression of TRPM7 channels in human atrial myocytesZhang, Y; Sun, H; Chen, KH; Du, XL; Liu, B; Cheng, LC; Li, X; Jin, MW; Li, GR2012102
Roles of functional ion channels in human cardiac c-Kit+ progenitor cellsZhang, Y; Sun, H; Li, GR201248
Allitridi Inhibits Multiple Cardiac Potassium Channels Expressed in HEK 293 CellsXu, XH; Sun, H; Zhang, Y; Wu, W; Chen, KH; Liu, Y; Deng, CY; Yu, XY; Jin, MW; Li, GR201269
TRPC1 channels mediate the nonselective cation current and store-operated calcium channels in human atrial myocytesZhang, Y; Sun, H; Wu, H; Li, GR201256
Minimum Manhattan Network is NP-CompleteChin, FYL; Guo, Z; Sun, H2011137
Non-invasive prenatal assessment of trisomy 21 by multiplexed maternal plasma DNA sequencing: large scale validity study.Chiu, RWK; Akolekar, R; Zheng, YWL; Leung, TY; Sun, H; Chan, KCA; Lun, FMF; Go, ATJI; Lau, ET; To, WWK; Leung, WC; Tang, RYK; Au-Yeung, SKC; Lam, H; Kung, YY; Zhang, X; Van Vugt, JMG; Minekawa, R; Tang, MHY; Wang, J; Oudejans, CBM; Lau, TK; Nicolaides, KH; Lo, YMD2011105
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