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Particle-based anisotropic surface meshingZhong, ZC; Gou, XH; Wang, WP; Levy, B; Sun, F; Yang, L; Mao, WH201323
Surveys of medical seeking preference, mental health literacy, and attitudes toward mental illness in Taiwan, 1990–2000Wu, C; Liu, S; Chang, S; Sun, F201339
AtPAP2 is a tail-anchored protein in the outer membrane of chloroplasts and mitochondria.Sun, F; Carrie, C; Law, S; Murcha, M; Zhang, R; Law, YS; Whelan, J; Lim, BL201294
Over-expression of AtPAP2 in Camelina sativa leads to faster plant growth and higher seed yieldZhang, Y; Yu, L; Yung, KF; Leung, DY; Sun, F; Lim, BL2012257
A dual-targeted purple acid phosphatase in Arabidopsis thaliana moderates carbon metabolism and its overexpression leads to faster plant growth and higher seed yieldSun, F; Suen, PK; Zhang, Y; Liang, C; Carrie, C; Whelan, J; Ward, JL; Hawkins, ND; Jiang, L; Lim, BL2012274
Global Optimization of Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation with Monte Carlo ApproachLu, L; Sun, F; Pan, H; Wang, WP201263
Obtuse triangle suppression in anisotropic meshesSun, F; Choi, YK; Wang, W; Yan, DM; Liu, Y; Lévy, B2011114
A novel dual-targeting signal at the C-terminus of AtPAP2 is essential to its growth-promoting effectsLim, BL; Suen, PK; Sun, F2011109
Detection of parent-of-origin effects for quantitative traits in complete and incomplete nuclear families with multiple childrenHe, F; Zhou, JY; Hu, YQ; Sun, F; Yang, J; Lin, S; Fung, WK2011126
Minimizing the number of separating circles for two sets of points in the planeWang, J; Sun, F; Wang, W; Miao, C; Zhang, C2011100
A new algorithm for fast updating Delaunay triangulation of moving points based on local fixingZhou, Y; Sun, F; Wang, W; Wang, J; Zhang, C2011129
Over-expression of a novel Arabidopsis phosphatase results in accelerated growth and increased seed yieldSun, F; Zhang, Y; Lim, BL201070
Fast updating of delaunay triangulation of moving points by bi-cell filteringZhou, Y; Sun, F; Wang, W; Wang, J; Zhang, C2010299
Evaluation of the importance of various operating and sludge property parameters to the fouling of membrane bioreactorsSun, F; Li, XY2009137
Biopolymer cluster (BPC) accumulation in membrane bioreactor (MBR) and its role in membrane foulingSun, F; Li, XY2009167
Dynamic subcarrier allocation for real-Time traffic over multiuser OFDM systemsSun, F; You, M; Li, VOK200978
Isotropic remeshing with fast and exact computation of restricted voronoi diagramYan, DM; Lévy, B; Liu, Y; Sun, F; Wang, W2009411
Accumulation of organic substances in a submerged membrane bioreactor and its influence on membrane foulingSun, F; Li, XY2009141
Modified bipartite matching for multiobjective optimization: Application to antenna assignments in MIMO systemsSun, F; Li, VOK; Diao, Z2009260
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