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Laser-induced fusion of human embryonic stem cells with optical tweezersChen, S; Cheng, J; Kong, MCW; Wang, X; Cheng, SH; Li, RA; Sun, D201356
Ultrafast hot-carrier-dominated photocurrent in grapheneSun, D; Aivazian, G; Jones, AM; Ross, JS; Yao, W; Cobden, D; Xu, X2012164
Probing the mechanobiological properties of human embryonic stem cells in cardiac differentiation by optical tweezersTan, Y; Kong, CW; Chen, S; Cheng, SH; Li, RA; Sun, D2012160
Laser and chemical induced fusion to reverse engineer the physical size of hESC-derived CMs: a nongenetic approach for driven physiological hypertrophy and maturation.Kong, MCW; Chen, S; Geng, L; Sun, D; Li, RA201151
Biophysical characterization of hematopoietic cells from normal and leukemic sources with distinct primitivenessTan, Y; Fung, TK; Wan, H; Wang, K; Leung, AYH; Sun, D201175
Enhanced cell sorting and manipulation with combined optical tweezer and microfluidic chip technologiesWang, X; Chen, S; Kong, M; Wang, Z; Costa, KD; Li, RA; Sun, D2011242
Optical tweezer technology: Nanomechanical characterization of myeloblasts from cancer patients with optical tweezersTan, Y; Leung, AYH; Wang, K; Fung, TK; Sun, D201153
Characterizing the micromechanical properties of myeloblasts from cancer patients with optical tweezersTan, Y; Leung, AYH; Wang, K; Fung, TK; Sun, D201059
Scheduling yard cranes in a container terminal using a new genetic approachMak, KL; Sun, D200976
A new hybrid genetic algorithm and Tabu Search Method for yard cranes scheduling with inter-crane interferenceMak, KL; Sun, D2009191
Spin relaxation in charged quantum dots measured by coherent optical phase modulation spectroscopyCheng, J; Wu, Y; Xu, X; Sun, D; Steel, DG; Bracker, AS; Gammon, D; Yao, W; Sham, LJ200655
Nd isotopic constraints on crustal formation in the North China CratonWu, F; Zhao, G; Wilde, SA; Sun, D2005213
Capillary electrophoresis for binding study of bilirubin to human serum proteinsFung, YS; Sun, D; Yeung, CY2005112
Separation, quantitation and binding study of serum proteins with bilirubin by capillary electrophoresis under physiological conditionsFung, YS; Sun, D; Yeung, CY200499
Metamorphic P-T path of the Southern Jilin complex: Implicatiions for tectonic evolution of the Eastern Block of the North China CratonGe, W; Zhao, G; Sun, D; Wu, F; Lin, Q2003146
Application of CE method to identify risk of brain damage in jaundiced infantsYeung, CY; Fung, YS; Sun, D200287
Analysis of serum proteins by capillary electrophoresisFung, YS; Sun, D; Yeung, CY2001103
A novel capillary electrophoresis method to assay the albumin-binding capacity and free bilirubin in the jaundiced neonateYeung, CY; Fung, YS; Sun, D200086
Determination of bilirubin distribution on serum protein by capillary electrophoresisFung, YS; Sun, D; Yeung, CY200084
Paleo-monsoon activities of Mu Us Desert, China since 150 ka B.P. - A study of the stratigraphic sequences of the Milanggouwan Section, Salawusu River areaLi, B; Zhang, DD; Jin, H; Wu, Z; Yan, M; Sun, W; Zhu, Y; Sun, D2000106
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