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Proline-rich tyrosine kinase 2 (Pyk2) promotes cell motility of hepatocellular carcinoma through induction of epithelial to mesenchymal transitionSun, CK; Ng, KT; Lim, ZX; Cheng, Q; Lo, CM; Poon, RT; Man, K; Wong, N; Fan, ST20111,018
Proline-rich tyrosine kinase 2 (Pyk2) promotes proliferation and invasiveness of hepatocellular carcinoma cells through c-Src/ERK activationSun, CK; Man, K; Ng, KT; Ho, JW; Lim, ZX; Cheng, Q; Lo, CM; Poon, RT; Fan, ST2008253
The significance of acute phase small-for-size graft injury on tumor growth and invasiveness after liver transplantationMan, K; Lo, CM; Xiao, JW; Ng, KT; Sun, BS; Ng, IO; Cheng, Q; Sun, CK; Fan, ST2008109
Marked suppression of tumor growth by FTY720 in a rat liver tumor model: The significance of down-regulation of cell survival Akt pathwayNg, KT; Man, K; Ho, JW; Sun, CK; Lee, TK; Zhao, Y; Lo, CM; Poon, RT; Fan, ST2007163
Ischemia-reperfusion of small liver remnant promotes liver tumor growth and metastases - Activation of cell invasion and migration pathwaysMan, K; Ng, KT; Lo, CM; Ho, JW; Sun, BS; Sun, CK; Lee, TK; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST2007144
The significance of proline-rich tyrosine kinase2 (Pyk2) on hepatocellular carcinoma progression and recurrenceSun, CK; Ng, KT; Sun, BS; Ho, JWY; Lee, TK; Ng, I; Poon, RTP; Lo, CM; Liu, CL; Man, K; Fan, ST2007126
Significance of circulating endothelial progenitor cells in hepatocellular carcinomaHo, JWY; Pang, RWC; Lau, C; Sun, CK; Wan, CY; Sheung, TF; Poon, RTP2006112
Rapamycin attenuates liver graft injury in cirrhotic recipient - The significance of down-regulation of Rho-ROCK-VEGF pthwayMan, K; Su, M; Ng, KT; Lo, CM; Zhao, Y; Ho, JW; Sun, CK; Lee, TK; Fan, ST2006123
Fat-derived hormone adiponectin combined with FTY720 significantly improves small-for-size fatty liver graft survivalMan, K; Zhao, Y; Xu, A; Lo, CM; Lam, KSL; Ng, KT; Ho, JWY; Sun, CK; Lee, TK; Li, XL; Fan, ST2006128
Clinicopathological significance of homeoprotein Six1 in hepatocellular carcinomaNg, KT; Man, K; Sun, CK; Lee, TK; Poon, RT; Lo, CM; Fan, ST2006135
Significance of the Rac signaling pathway in HCC cell motility: Implications for a new therapeutic targetLee, TK; Man, K; Ho, JW; Wang, XH; Poon, RT; Sun, CK; Ng, KT; Ng, IO; Xu, R; Fan, ST2005116
The influence of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt pathway on the ischemic injury during rat liver graft preservationLi, XL; Man, K; Ng, KT; Sun, CK; Lo, CM; Fan, ST200582
FTY720 attenuates hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury in normal and cirrhotic liversMan, K; Ng, KT; Lee, TK; Lo, CM; Sun, CK; Li, XL; Zhao, Y; Ho, JW; Fan, ST2005108
Effects of a novel immunomodulating agent, FTY720, on tumor growth and angiogenesis in hepatocellular carcinomaHo, JWY; Man, K; Sun, CK; Lee, TK; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST2005102
FTY720: A promising agent for treatment of metastatic hepatocellular carcinomaLee, TK; Man, K; Ho, JW; Wang, XH; Poon, RTP; Xu, Y; Ng, KT; Chu, AC; Sun, CK; Ng, IO; Sun, HC; Tang, ZY; Xu, R; Fan, ST2005165
Clinicopathological and prognostic implications of endoglin (CD105) expression in hepatocellular carcinoma and its adjacent non-tumorous liverHo, JW; Poon, RT; Sun, CK; Xue, WC; Fan, ST200593
Attenuation of small-for-size liver graft injury by FTY720: Significance of cell survival Akt signaling pathwayZhao, Y; Man, K; Lo, CM; Ng, KT; Li, XL; Sun, CK; Lee, TK; Dai, XW; Fan, ST200494
FTY720 induces apoptosis of human hepatoma cell lines through cell lines through P13-K-mediated Akt dephosphorylationLee, TK; Man, K; Ho, JW; Sun, CK; Ng, KT; Wang, XH; Wong, YC; Ng, IO; Xu, R; Fan, ST2004129
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