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A live bivalent influenza vaccine based on a H9N2 virus strainWu, R; Guan, Y; Yang, Z; Chen, J; Wang, H; Chen, Q; Sui, Z; Fang, F; Chen, Z2010105
Generation and evaluation of an H9N1 influenza vaccine derived by reverse genetics that allows utilization of a DIVA strategy for control of H9N2 avian influenzaWu, R; Chen, Q; Zheng, L; Chen, J; Sui, Z; Guan, Y; Chen, Z2009249
Biting efficiency in relation to incisal angulationSui, Z; Agrawal, KR; Corke, H; Lucas, PW2006127
Optimal cooking time of noodles related to their notch sensitivitySui, Z; Lucas, PW; Corke, H2006158
Fracture and energy partitioning in uncooked and cooked noodlesSui, Z; Corke, H; Oyen, ML; Lucas, PW200658
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