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654 GHz continuum and C 18O(6-5) observations of G240.31+0.07 with the submillimeter arrayChen, HR; Su, YN; Liu, SY; Hunter, TR; Wilner, DJ; Zhang, Q; Lim, J; Ho, PTP; Ohashi, N; Hirano, N2007101
Mapping the outflow from G5.89-0.39 in SiO J = 5 → 4Sollins, PK; Hunter, TR; Battat, J; Beuther, H; Ho, PTP; Lim, J; Liu, SY; Ohashi, N; Sridharan, TK; Su, YN; Zhao, JH; Zhang, Q200480
Submillimeter Array multiline observations of the massive star-forming region IRAS 18089-1732Beuther, H; Zhang, Q; Hunter, TR; Sridharan, TK; Zhao, JH; Sollins, P; Ho, PTP; Liu, SY; Ohashi, N; Su, YN; Lim, J200461
Bipolar molecular outflows from high-mass protostarsSu, YN; Zhang, Q; Lim, J200456
Search for calibrators for the submillimeter array. I. High-mass star-forming regionsSu, YN; Liu, SY; Lim, J; Ohashi, N; Beuther, H; Zhang, Q; Sollins, P; Hunter, T; Sridharan, TK; Zhao, JH; Ho, PTP200460
Submillimeter array outflow/disk studies in the massive star-forming region iras 18089-1732Beuther, H; Hunter, TR; Zhang, Q; Sridharan, TK; Zhao, JH; Sollins, P; Ho, PTP; Ohashi, N; Su, YN; Lim, J; Liu, SY200462
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