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Is HbA2 level a reliable diagnostic measurement for β-thalassemia trait in people with iron deficiency?Verhovsek, M; So, JCC; O'Shea, T; Gibney, GT; Ma, ESK; Steinberg, MH; Chui, DHK2012153
A 3-bp deletion in the HBS1L-MYB intergenic region on chromosome 6q23 is associated with HbF expressionFarrell, JJ; Sherva, RM; Chen, ZY; Luo, HY; Chu, BF; Ha, SY; Li, CK; Lee, ACW; Li, RCH; Li, CK; Yuen, HL; So, JCC; Ma, ESK; Chan, LC; Chan, V; Sebastiani, P; Farrer, LA; Baldwin, CT; Steinberg, MH; Chui, DHK2011181
Sickle cell disease caused by heterozygosity for Hb S and novel LCR deletion: Report of two patientsKoenig, SC; Becirevic, E; Hellberg, MSC; Li, MY; So, JCC; Hankins, JS; Ware, RE; Mcmahon, L; Steinberg, MH; Luo, HY; Chui, DHK2009116
BCL11A is a major HbF quantitative trait locus in three different populations with β-hemoglobinopathiesSedgewick, AE; Timofeev, N; Sebastiani, P; So, JCC; Ma, ESK; Chan, LC; Fucharoen, G; Fucharoen, S; Barbosa, CG; Vardarajan, BN; Farrer, LA; Baldwin, CT; Steinberg, MH; Chui, DHK2008115
Variation and heritability of Hb F and F-cells among β-thalassemia heterozygotes in Hong KongGibney, GT; Panhuysen, CIM; So, JCC; Ma, ESK; Shau, YH; Chi, KL; Lee, ACW; Chi, KL; Hui, LY; Yu, LL; Johnson, DM; Farrell, JJ; Bisbee, AB; Farrer, LA; Steinberg, MH; Li, CC; Chui, DHK2008154
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