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Novel heavy tamponade for vitreoretinal surgeryWilliams, RL; Kearns, VR; Lo, AC; Day, M; Garvey, MJ; Krishna, Y; Ma, D; Stappler, T; Wong, DSH201312
Primary 23-gauge sutureless vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous retinal detachmentRomano, MR; Das, R; Groenwald, C; Stappler, T; Marticorena, J; Valldeperas, X; Wong, D; Heimann, H2012166
Intravitreal bevacizumab for retinal vein occlusion and early growth of epiretinal membrane: A possible secondary effect?Marticorena, J; Romano, MR; Heimann, H; Stappler, T; Gibran, K; Groenewald, C; Pearce, I; Wong, D2011167
Outcomes of delayed vitrectomy in open-globe injuries in young patientsSandinha, MT; Newman, W; Wong, DSH; Stappler, T2011128
The impact of axial length on retinal tamponade for gas, silicone oil, and heavy silicone oil, using an in vitro modelHillier, RJ; Stappler, T; Williams, RL; Turner, GS; Wong, D2011113
Injectability of silicone oil-based tamponade agentsWilliams, RL; Day, MJ; Garvey, MJ; Morphis, G; Irigoyen, C; Wong, D; Stappler, T2011103
Fibrous membranes in diabetic retinopathy and bevacizumabPattwell, DM; Stappler, T; Sheridan, C; Heimann, H; Gibran, SK; Wong, D; Hiscott, P2010128
Does the Presence of an Epiretinal Membrane Alter the Cleavage Plane during Internal Limiting Membrane Peeling?Kenawy, N; Wong, D; Stappler, T; Romano, MR; Das, RA; Hebbar, G; Prime, W; Heimann, H; Gibran, SK; Sheridan, CM; Cheung, YH; Hiscott, PS201096
Perception of tilt following counter-rotation surgeryMehta, J; Farnell, DJJ; Stappler, T; Liazos, E; Wong, D201097
F4H5: A novel substance for the removal of silicone oil from intraocular lensesStappler, T; Williams, R; Wong, D2010150
Densiron-68 heavy silicone oil in cases of PVR : AAnatomic and functional outcomes | Schweres Silikonöl bei PVR : Anatomische und Funktionelle ErgebnisseStappler, T; Heimann, H; Gibran, SK; Groenewald, C; Pearce, IA; Wong, D2009196
Removal of Densiron-68 with a 23-gauge transconjunctival vitrectomy systemRomano, MR; Groenwald, C; Das, R; Stappler, T; Wong, D; Heimann, H2009134
Heavy tamponade 2 Densiron 68® in routine clinical practice: Anatomical and functional outcomes of a consecutive case seriesStappler, T; Heimann, H; Wong, D; Gibran, SK; Groenewald, C; Pearce, IA2008142
Primary vitrectomy with Densiron-68 for rhegmatogenous retinal detachmentRomano, MR; Stappler, T; Marticorena, J; Groenewald, C; Pearce, I; Gibran, SK; Wong, D; Heimann, H2008137
Peel and peel againGibran, SK; Flemming, B; Stappler, T; Pearce, I; Groenewald, C; Heimann, H; Hiscott, P; Wong, D2008110
Heavy tamponade 1: A review of indications, use, and complicationsHeimann, H; Stappler, T; Wong, D2008101
A guide to the removal of heavy silicone oilStappler, T; Williams, R; Gibran, SK; Liazos, E; Wong, D2008152
Successful retrieval of internal limiting membrane specimens [41]Gibran, SK; Prime, W; Cazabon, J; Stappler, T; Heimann, H; Pearce, I; Groenewald, C; Wong, D; Hiscott, P2007109
Histological findings of a choroidal neovascular membrane removed at the time of macular translocation in a patient previously treated with intravitreal bevacizumab treatment (Avastin)Gibran, SK; Sachdev, A; Stappler, T; Newsome, R; Wong, D; Hiscott, P2007156
A pilot study on the use of a perfluorohexyloctane/silicone oil solution as a heavier than water internal tamponade agentWong, D; Van Meurs, JC; Stappler, T; Groenewald, C; Pearce, IA; McGalliard, JN; Manousakis, E; Herbert, EN200595
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