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The sortilin-related receptor SORL1 is genetically associated with Alzheimer’s Disease
Nature Genetics
Nature Publishing Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Rogaeva, E; Meng, Y; Lee, JH; Gu, Y; Kawarai, T; Zou, F; Katayama, T; Baldwin, CT; Cheng, R; Hasegawa, H; Chen, F; Shibata, N; Lunetta, KL; Song, Y; Fraser, PE; Schmitt-Ulms, G; Younkin, S; Mayeux, R; Farrer, LA; St George-Hyslop, P2007239
Further analysis of the nicastrin: presenilin complex”
Notch from Neurodevelopment to Neurodegeneration: Keeping the Fate
Springer Verlag.
Chen, F; Yu, G; Arawaka, S; Nishimura, M; Kawarai, T; Yu, H; Tandon, A; Supala, A; Song, Y; Rogaeva, E; Milman, P; Sato, C; Lee, J; Song, L; Zhang, L; Fraser, PE; St George-Hyslop, P2006273
Low frequency of TAU mutations and further genetic heterogeneity in FTD
8th International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders. 20-25 July 2002 Stockholm, Sweden
Kawarai, T; Rogaeva, E; Song, Y; Moliaka, Y; Medeiros, H; Liang, Y; Sato, C; Ling, S; Fong, M; Kolesnikova, T; Bergeron, C; Lang, AE; Paterson, AD; Orlacchio, A; Bernardi, G; Rockwood, K; Allegri, R; Rainero, I; Pinessi, L; Cappa, G; Kertesz, A; Bruni, AC; Freedman, M; Ahern, GL; Tuite, P; Fornazzari, L; St George-Hyslop, P2002165
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