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The use of a ditopic Gd(III) paramagnetic probe for investigating α-bungarotoxin surface accessibilityBernini, A; Spiga, O; Venditti, V; Prischi, F; Botta, M; Croce, G; Tong, APL; Wong, WT; Niccolai, N2012152
On the mechanisms of bananin activity against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirusWang, Z; Huang, JD; Wong, KL; Wang, PG; Zhang, HJ; Tanner, JA; Spiga, O; Bernini, A; Zheng, BJ; Niccolai, N2011562
Tertiary structure prediction of SARS coronavirus helicaseBernini, A; Spiga, O; Venditti, V; Prischi, F; Bracci, L; Huang, J; Tanner, JA; Niccolai, N2006104
NMR studies of lysozyme surface accessibility by using different paramagnetic relaxation probesBernini, A; Spiga, O; Venditti, V; Prischi, F; Bracci, L; Tong, APL; Wong, WT; Niccolai, N2006148
Synthetic peptides outside the spike protein heptad repeat regions as potent inhibitors of SARS-associated coronavirusZheng, BJ; Guan, Y; He, ML; Sun, H; Du, L; Zheng, Y; Wong, KL; Chen, H; Chen, Y; Lu, L; Tanner, JA; Watt, RM; Niccolai, N; Bernini, A; Spiga, O; Woo, PCY; Kung, HF; Yuen, KY; Huang, JD2005266
Prediction of quaternary assembly of SARS coronavirus peplomerBernini, A; Spiga, O; Ciutti, A; Chiellini, S; Bracci, L; Yan, X; Zheng, B; Huang, J; He, ML; Song, HD; Hao, P; Zhao, G; Niccolai, N2004143
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