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Discriminative value of FRAX for fracture prediction in a cohort of Chinese postmenopausal womenCheung, EYN; Bow, CH; Cheung, CL; Soong, C; Yeung, S; Loong, C; Kung, A201285
Ethnic difference of clinical vertebral fracture riskBow, CH; Cheung, E; Cheung, CL; Xiao, SM; Loong, C; Soong, C; Tan, KC; Luckey, MM; Cauley, JA; Fujiwara, S; Kung, AWC2012383
Bone loss during menopausal transition among southern Chinese womenCheung, E; Tsang, S; Bow, C; Soong, C; Yeung, S; Loong, C; Cheung, CL; Kan, A; Lo, S; Tam, S; Tang, G; Kung, A2011174
Heritability of Serum OsteoprotegerinKwan, JSH; Xiao, S; Bow, C; Cheung, CL; Soong, C; Lau, KS; Sham, PC; Kung, AWC2011329
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