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Microgrids and Distributed Energy Future
Smart Grid Applications and Developments
Zhong, J; Song, Y201444
Ferulic acid alleviates the symptoms of diabetes in obese rats
Journal of Functional Foods
Song, Y; Wu, T; Yang, Q; Chen, X; Wang, M; Wang, Y; Peng, X; Ou, S201440
Study of Emission Reduction Effects in an Electricity Market considering Carbon Emission Policies
I E E E / P E S Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exhibition Proceedings
I E E E. The Journal's web site is located at
Song, Y; Zhong, J201437
Long-Term Optimal Generation Expansion Planing considering CO2 Reduction Policies and Mechanisms
Renewable Energy and Power Quality Journal
European Association for the Development of Renewable Energies, Environment and Power Quality (EA4EPQ). The Journal's web site is located at
Song, Y; Zhong, J; Bollen, MHJ201436
Electro-hydrodynamic chopping of water-in-water jet in coflowing mcrofluidic channels
Frontiers of Soft Matter Physics: from Non-equilibrium Dynamics to Active Matter
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
Song, Y; Shum, HC201424
Absorption and assembly at all-aqueous interfaces with ultralow interfacial tension
88th ACS 2014 Colloid and Surface Science Symposium
Shum, A; Song, Y; Li, J201476
Magnetics in Smart Grid
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The Journal's web site is located at
Huang, Q; Song, Y; Sun, X; Jiang, L; Pong, PWT201436
Microfluidic generation of all-aqueous emulsions
245th ACS National Meeting 2013
Shum, HC; Song, Y201369
Recoding RNA editing of AZIN1 predisposes to hepatocellular carcinoma
Nature Medicine
Chen, L; Li, Y; Lin, C; Chan, HM; Chow, KK; Song, Y; Liu, M; Yuan, YF; Fu, L; Kong, KL; Qi, L; Li, Y; Zhang, N; Tong, AHY; Kwong, DLW; Man, K; Lo, CM; Lok, S; Tenen, DG; Guan, X2013249
Encapsulation of cells in core-shell structured capsules template from all-aqueous emulsion
5th ISMM 2013
Song, Y; Shum, HC201363
Engineering drug delivery vehicles with multiphase microfluidics
ASME 2nd Global Congress on Nanoengineering for Medicine and Biology, NEMB2013
ASME. The Conference abstracts' website is located at
Shum, AHC; Kong, T; Liu, Z; Song, Y2013163
Economic dispatch model considering policy-guided carbon trading mechanisms
Power Tech Conference Proceedings
IEEE. The Journal's web site is located at
Song, Y; Zhong, J; Liu, J; Li, P201367
Engineering polymeric composite particles by emulsion-templating: Thermodynamics versus Kinetics
Soft Matter
Royal Society of Chemistry. The Journal's web site is located at
Kong, T; Liu, Z; Song, Y; Wang, L; Shum, HC201335
All-aqueous multiphase microfluidics
American Institute of Physics. The Journal's web site is located at
Song, Y; Sauret, AON; Shum, HC201326
Association of genetic variation in FTO with risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes with data from 96,551 East and South Asians
Springer Verlag. The Journal's web site is located at
Li, H; Kilpeläinen, TO; Liu, C; Zhu, J; Liu, Y; Hu, C; Yang, Z; Zhang, W; Bao, W; Cha, S; Wu, Y; Yang, T; Sekine, A; Choi, BY; Yajnik, CS; Zhou, D; Takeuchi, F; Yamamoto, K; Chan, JC; Mani, KR; Been, LF; Imamura, M; Nakashima, E; Lee, N; Fujisawa, T; Karasawa, S; Wen, W; Joglekar, CV; Lu, W; Chang, Y; Xiang, Y; Gao, Y; Liu, S; Song, Y; Kwak, SH; Shin, HD; Park, KS; Fall, CHD; Kim, JY; Sham, PC; Lam, KSL; Zheng, W; Shu, X; Deng, H; Ikegami, H; Krishnaveni, GV; Sanghera, DK; Chuang, L; Liu, L; Hu, R; Kim, Y; Daimon, M; Hotta, K; Jia, W; Kooner, JS; Chambers, JC; Chandak, GR; Ma, RC; Maeda, S; Dorajoo, R; Yokota, M; Takayanagi, R; Kato, N; Lin, X; Loos, RJF2012428
MTSS1, a novel target of DNA methyltransferase 3B, functions as a tumor suppressor in hepatocellular carcinoma
Nature Publishing Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Fan, H; Chen, L; Zhang, F; Quan, Y; Su, X; Qiu, X; Zhao, Z; Kong, KL; Dong, S; Song, Y; Chan, THM; Guan, XY2012338
Whole exome sequencing identifies a novel mutation in the transglutaminase 6 gene for spinocerebellar ataxia in a Chinese family.
Clinical Genetics
Blackwell Munksgaard. The Journal's web site is located at
Li, M; Pang, SYY; Song, Y; Kung, MHW; Ho, SL; Sham, PC2012282
Principle-based understanding in teacher change: A four-year case study
Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association
Chan, CKK; Ho, RCM; Song, Y2011130
A germline variant in the interferon regulatory factor 4 gene as a novel skin cancer risk locus
Cancer Research
American Association for Cancer Research. The Journal's web site is located at
Han, J; Qureshi, AA; Nan, H; Zhang, J; Song, Y; Guo, Q; Hunter, DJ2011161
Genome-wide association study identifies nidogen 1 (NID1) as a susceptibility locus to cutaneous nevi and melanoma risk
Human Molecular Genetics
Oxford University Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Nan, H; Xu, M; Zhang, J; Zhang, M; Kraft, P; Qureshi, AA; Chen, C; Guo, Q; Hu, FB; Rimm, EB; Curhan, G; Song, Y; Amos, CI; Wang, LE; Lee, JE; Wei, Q; Hunter, DJ; Han, J2011169
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