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Microfluidic generation of all-aqueous emulsionsShum, HC; Song, Y201325
Recoding RNA editing of AZIN1 predisposes to hepatocellular carcinomaChen, L; Li, Y; Lin, C; Chan, HM; Chow, KK; Song, Y; Liu, M; Yuan, YF; Fu, L; Kong, KL; Qi, L; Li, Y; Zhang, N; Tong, AHY; Kwong, DLW; Man, K; Lo, CM; Lok, S; Tenen, DG; Guan, X2013109
Encapsulation of cells in core-shell structured capsules template from all-aqueous emulsionSong, Y; Shum, HC201328
Engineering drug delivery vehicles with multiphase microfluidicsShum, AHC; Kong, T; Liu, Z; Song, Y201331
Whole exome sequencing identifies a novel mutation in the transglutaminase 6 gene for spinocerebellar ataxia in a Chinese family.Li, M; Pang, SYY; Song, Y; Kung, MHW; Ho, SL; Sham, PC2012176
MTSS1, a novel target of DNA methyltransferase 3B, functions as a tumor suppressor in hepatocellular carcinomaFan, H; Chen, L; Zhang, F; Quan, Y; Su, X; Qiu, X; Zhao, Z; Kong, KL; Dong, S; Song, Y; Chan, THM; Guan, XY2012135
Association of genetic variation in FTO with risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes with data from 96,551 East and South AsiansLi, H; Kilpeläinen, TO; Liu, C; Zhu, J; Liu, Y; Hu, C; Yang, Z; Zhang, W; Bao, W; Cha, S; Wu, Y; Yang, T; Sekine, A; Choi, BY; Yajnik, CS; Zhou, D; Takeuchi, F; Yamamoto, K; Chan, JC; Mani, KR; Been, LF; Imamura, M; Nakashima, E; Lee, N; Fujisawa, T; Karasawa, S; Wen, W; Joglekar, CV; Lu, W; Chang, Y; Xiang, Y; Gao, Y; Liu, S; Song, Y; Kwak, SH; Shin, HD; Park, KS; Fall, CHD; Kim, JY; Sham, PC; Lam, KSL; Zheng, W; Shu, X; Deng, H; Ikegami, H; Krishnaveni, GV; Sanghera, DK; Chuang, L; Liu, L; Hu, R; Kim, Y; Daimon, M; Hotta, K; Jia, W; Kooner, JS; Chambers, JC; Chandak, GR; Ma, RC; Maeda, S; Dorajoo, R; Yokota, M; Takayanagi, R; Kato, N; Lin, X; Loos, RJF2012253
A germline variant in the interferon regulatory factor 4 gene as a novel skin cancer risk locusHan, J; Qureshi, AA; Nan, H; Zhang, J; Song, Y; Guo, Q; Hunter, DJ201180
Genome-wide association study identifies nidogen 1 (NID1) as a susceptibility locus to cutaneous nevi and melanoma riskNan, H; Xu, M; Zhang, J; Zhang, M; Kraft, P; Qureshi, AA; Chen, C; Guo, Q; Hu, FB; Rimm, EB; Curhan, G; Song, Y; Amos, CI; Wang, LE; Lee, JE; Wei, Q; Hunter, DJ; Han, J201183
Principle-based understanding in teacher change: A four-year case studyChan, CKK; Ho, RCM; Song, Y201169
A biomimetic zinc activated ion channelTian, Y; Hou, X; Wen, L; Guo, W; Song, Y; Sun, H; Wang, Y; Jiang, L; Zhu, D2010614
Phase I safety and immunogenicity evaluation of ADVAX, a Multigenic, DNA-based Clade C/B' HIV-1 candidate vaccineVasan, S; Schlesinger, SJ; Huang, Y; Hurley, A; Lombardo, A; Chen, Z; Than, S; Adesanya, P; Bunce, C; Boaz, M; Boyle, R; Sayeed, E; Clark, L; Dugin, D; Schmidt, C; Song, Y; Seamons, L; Dally, L; Ho, M; Smith, C; Markowitz, M; Cox, J; Gill, DK; Gilmour, J; Keefer, MC; Fast, P; Ho, DD2010201
Message from general co-chairs and program co-chairsLai, KK; Song, Y; Wang, S; Ching, WK; Jin, H; Li, J; Mishra, SK; Yu, L2010117
Towards a principle-based approach for knowledge creation in teacher professional developmentChan, CKK; Song, Y201070
Controllable growth of ZnO nanowires with different aspect ratios and microstructures and their photoluminescence and photosensitive propertiesLi, L; Yang, H; Yu, J; Chen, Y; Ma, J; Zhang, J; Song, Y; Gao, F2009175
Examining teacher growth through principle-based understanding for knowledge buildingChan, CKK; Song, Y200968
The L1 in L2 learning: teachers' beliefs and practicesSong, Y; Andrews, SJ2009215
Identification of the chondrogenic pathway in the mandibular condylar cartilageSong, Y; Wu, C; Wong, RWK; MRabie, AB2009217
Handheld educational applications: a review of the researchSong, Y200948
Classroom innovation and knowledge building teacher community with CSCLChan, CKK; Song, Y; Lei, L; Chan, YY2009100
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