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Mechanistic examinations on isomerizations and dissociations of phosphorylated glycylserinyltryptophan (GpSW) radical cationsQuan, Q; Kong, RPW; Song, T; Hao, Q; Lai, CK; Siu, CK; Chu, IK201252
Intramolecular hydrogen atom migration along the backbone of cationic and neutral radical tripeptides and subsequent radical-induced dissociationsZhao, J; Song, T; Xu, M; Quan, Q; Siu, KWM; Hopkinson, AC; Chu, IK2012153
Mechanistic Examination of Cβ–Cγ Bond Cleavages of Tryptophan Residues During Dissociations of Molecular Peptide Radical CationsSong, T; Chu, IK; Siu, CK; Laskin, J201251
Arginine-facilitated isomerization: radical-induced dissociation of aliphatic radical cationic glycylarginyl(Iso)leucineNg, DCM; Hao, Q; Song, T; Quan, Q; Siu, CK; Chu, IK201260
Arginine-facilitated isomerization: Radical-induced dissociation of aliphatic radical cationic glycylarginyl(iso)leucine tripeptidesHao, Q; Song, T; Ng, DCM; Quan, Q; Siu, CK; Chu, IK2012147
Novel Cβ-Cγ bond cleavages of tryptophan-containing peptide radical cationsSong, T; Hao, Q; Law, CH; Siu, CK; Chu, IK2012123
Experimental and computational studies on the Cβ-Cγ bond cleavage of tryptophan in the dissociation of peptide radical cationsSong, T; Hao, Q; Siu, CK; Laskin, J; Chu, IK201243
Phase-plane analysis of conserved higher-order traffic flow modelWu, CX; Song, T; Zhang, P; Wong, SC201234
A novel method for quality control of Chinese medicines in vivo/vitroSong, T; Lee, CKF; Sze, CW; Tong, Y; Tang, SCW; Leung, GPH; Zhang, Y201232
The Effect of Arginine Residue on Side-chain Cleavage of Glycylarginyl-leucine/-isoleucine Radical Cations.Ng, CMD; Hao, Q; Song, T; Siu, CK; Chu, IK201153
Effect of the N-terminal basic residue on facile C α-C bond cleavages of aromatic-containing peptide radical cationsXu, M; Song, T; Quan, Q; Hao, Q; Fang, DC; Siu, CK; Chu, IK2011140
An Arginine Residue Can Control the Side-chain Cleavage of Glycylarginyl-leucine/-isoleucine Radical Cations by Facilitating α-Radical MigrationsNg, CMD; HAO, Q; Quan, Q; Song, T; SIU, CK; Chu, IK201159
Isomerization and Dissociation of Peptide Radical Ions: Effect of Basic ResidueSong, T; Ng, CMD; Chu, IK201149
Arginine-facilitated α- And π-radical migrations in glycylarginyltryptophan radical cationsSong, T; Ng, DCM; Quan, Q; Siu, CK; Chu, IK2011110
Formation, isomerization, and dissociation of a-carbon-centered and π-centered glycylglycyltryptophan radical cationsNg, DCM; Song, T; Siu, SO; Siu, CK; Laskin, J; Chu, IK2010183
Effect of the basic residue on the energetics, dynamics, and mechanisms of gas-phase fragmentation of protonated peptidesLaskin, J; Yang, Z; Song, T; Lam, C; Chu, IK2010143
Experimental and Computational Studies of the Macrocyclic Effect of an Auxiliary Ligand on Electron and Proton Transfers Within Ternary Copper(II)-Histidine ComplexesSong, T; Lam, CNW; Ng, DCM; Orlova, G; Laskin, J; Fang, DC; Chu, IK2009466
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