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Influence of outer membrane c-type cytochromes on particle size and activity of extracellular nanoparticles produced by Shewanella oneidensisNg, CK; Sivakumar, K; Liu, X; Madhaiyan, M; Ji, L; Yang, L; Tang, C; Song, H; Kjelleberg, S; Cao, B201353
Modifying Fe 3O 4 nanoparticles with humic acid for removal of Rhodamine B in waterPeng, L; Qin, P; Lei, M; Zeng, Q; Song, H; Yang, J; Shao, J; Liao, B; Gu, J201277
Association between BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutations and Survival in Women with Invasive Epithelial Ovarian CancerBolton, KL; ChenevixTrench, G; Goh, C; Sadetzki, S; Ramus, SJ; Karlan, BY; Lambrechts, D; Despierre, E; Barrowdale, D; McGuffog, L; Healey, S; Easton, DF; Sinilnikova, O; Benítez, J; García, MJ; Neuhausen, S; Gail, MH; Hartge, P; Peock, S; Frost, D; Evans, DG; Eeles, R; Godwin, AK; Daly, MB; Kwong, A; Ma, ESK; Lázaro, C; Blanco, I; Montagna, M; D'Andrea, E; Nicoletto, MO; Johnatty, SE; Kjær, SK; Jensen, A; Høgdall, E; Goode, EL; Fridley, BL; Loud, JT; Greene, MH; Mai, PL; Chetrit, A; Lubin, F; HirshYechezkel, G; Glendon, G; Andrulis, IL; Toland, AE; Senter, L; Gore, ME; Gourley, C; Michie, CO; Song, H; Tyrer, J; Whittemore, AS; McGuire, V; Sieh, W; Kristoffersson, U; Olsson, H; Borg, Å; Levine, DA; Steele, L; Beattie, MS; Chan, S; Nussbaum, RL; Moysich, KB; Gross, J; Cass, I; Walsh, C; Li, AJ; Leuchter, R; Gordon, O; GarciaClosas, M; Gayther, SA; Chanock, SJ; Antoniou, AC; Pharoah, PDP201290
Responses of seed yield and quality to nitrogen application levels in two oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) varieties differing in nitrogen efficiencyZhang, Z; Song, H; Liu, Q; Rong, X; Peng, J; Xie, G; Zhang, Y; Chen, L; Guan, C; Gu, J2012116
Poly (4-styrenesulfonic acid-co-maleic acid) is an entry inhibitor against both HIV-1 and HSV infections – Potential as a dual functional microbicideQiu, M; Chen, Y; Song, S; Song, H; Chu, Y; Yuan, Z; Cheng, L; Zheng, D; Chen, Z; Wu, Z201224
Lignosulfonic acid exhibits broadly anti-HIV-1 activity: potential as a microbicide candidate for the prevention of HIV-1 sexual transmissionQiu, M; Wang, Q; Chu, Y; Yuan, Z; Song, H; Chen, Z; Wu, Z2012119
Antibody reactivity of conformational peptide mimics of a conserved H5N1 neutralization site in different fusion proteinsZheng, Z; Luo, W; Song, H; Chen, Y; Xiong, J; Chen, Y; Gu, Y; Chen, H; Shih, JWK; Zhang, J; Xia, N2010481
A comparative analysis of quantity and price competitions in tourism supply chain networks for package holidaysHuang, GQ; Song, H; Zhang, X2010288
Game-theoretic study of the dynamics of tourism supply chains for package holidays under quantity competitionHuang, GQ; Chen, W; Song, H; Zhang, X2010221
Tourism supply chain management: A new research agendaZhang, X; Song, H; Huang, GQ2009274
Game-theoretic approach to competition dynamics in tourism supply chainsYang, S; Huang, GQ; Song, H; Liang, L2009196
Peptide mimics of a conserved H5N1 avian influenza virus neutralization siteLuo, W; Chen, Y; Wang, M; Chen, Y; Zheng, Z; Song, H; Chen, H; Guan, Y; Ng, MH; Zhang, J; Xia, N2009215
Price interactions between theme park and tour operatorSong, H; Yang, S; Huang, GQ2009226
Human MCRS2, a cell-cycle-dependent protein, associates with LPTS/PinX1 and reduces the telomere lengthSong, H; Li, Y; Chen, G; Xing, Z; Zhao, J; Yokoyama, KK; Li, T; Zhao, M200483
Genes encoding Pir51, Beclin 1, RbAp48 and aldolase b are up or down-regulated in human primary hepatocellular carcinomaSong, H; Xia, SL; Liao, C; Li, YL; Wang, YF; Li, TP; Zhao, MJ200479
Structural style and tectonic significance of the Jianglang dome in the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau, ChinaYan, DP; Zhou, MF; Song, H; Fu, Z200388
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