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Improved functional recovery to I/R injury in hearts from lipocalin-2 deficiency mice: restoration of mitochondrial function and phospholipids remodelingYang, B; Fan, P; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Berger, T; Mak, TW; Tse, HF; Yue, JWS; Song, E; Vanhoutte, PM; Sweeney, G; Wang, Y2012154
Lipocalin-2 deficiency prevents endothelial dysfunction associated with dietary obesity: Role of cytochrome P450 2C inhibitionLiu, JTC; Song, E; Xu, A; Berger, T; Mak, TW; Tse, HF; Law, IKM; Huang, B; Liang, Y; Vanhoutte, PM; Wang, Y2012242
Obesity-accelerated arterial aging: interplay between free fatty acids and lipocalin-2Wang, Y; Huang, B; Song, E; Xu, A; Feletou, M; Vilaine, JP; Villeneuve, N; Vanhoutte, PM201297
Elevated 20-Hete contributes to the improved endothelial function in lipocalin-2 deficient miceFan, P; Song, E; Xu, A; Feletou, M; Vilaine, JP; Vanhoutte, PM; Wang, Y201258
Lipocalin-2 mediates linoleic acid-induced endothelial dysfunctionSong, E; Fan, P; Xu, A; Vanhoutte, PM; Wang, Y201291
A method to generate recombinant Salmonella typhi Ty21a strains expressing multiple heterologous genes using an improved recombineering strategyYu, B; Yang, M; Wong, HYB; Watt, RM; Song, E; Zheng, BJ; Yuen, KY; Huang, JD2011528
Mechanisms underlying endothelial dysfunction induced by dietary obesity: role of lipocalin-2Song, E; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Xu, A; Wang, Y201168
Microvesicles secreted by macrophages shuttle invasion-potentiating microRNAs into breast cancer cellsYang, M; Chen, J; Su, F; Yu, B; Su, F; Lin, L; Liu, Y; Huang, JD; Song, E2011142
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