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Cis-regulatory functions of overlapping HIF-1alpha/E-box/AP-1-like sequences of CD164Tang, J; Luo, Z; Zhou, G; Song, C; Yu, F; Xiang, J; Li, G201196
A simulation approach to hybrid flowshop scheduling using dispatching rulesSong, C; Luo, H; Qu, T; Lv, HL; Huang, GQ2010420
Development of a new quadrilateral thin plate element using area coordinatesSoh, AK; Zhifei, L; Song, C2000207
Development of eight-node quadrilateral membrane elements using the area coordinates methodAiKah, S; Yuqiu, L; Song, C2000197
A Mindlin plate triangular element with improved interpolation based on Timoshenko's beam theorySoh, AK; Zhifei, L; Song, C1999175
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