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Mutations in a gene encoding a novel protein tyrosine phosphatase cause progressive myoclonus epilepsyMinassian, BA; Lee Jeffrey, R; Herbrick, JA; Huizenga, J; Soder, S; Mungall, AJ; Dunham, I; Gardner, R; Fong, CYG; Carpenter, S; Jardim, L; Satishchandra, P; Andermann, E; Carter Snead III, O; LopesCendes, I; Tsui, LC; DelgadoEscueta, AV; Rouleau, GA; Scherer, SW1998643
The human metabotropic glutamate receptor 8 (GRM8) gene: A disproportionately large gene located at 7q31.3-q32.1Scherer, SW; Soder, S; Duvoisin, RM; Huizenga, JJ; Tsui, LC1997194
Hemizygous deletion of the syntaxin 1A gene in individuals with Williams syndrome: Letters to the editorOsborne, LR; Soder, S; Shi, XM; Pober, B; Costa, T; Scherer, SW; Tsui, L-C1997295
Characterization of the split hand/split foot malformation locus SHFM1 at 7q21.3-q22.1 and analysis of a candidate gene for its expression during limb developmentCrackower, MA; Scherer, SW; Rommens, JM; Hui, CC; Poorkaj, P; Soder, S; Cobben, JM; Hudgins, L; Evans, JP; Tsui, LC1996636
Physical mapping of the split hand/split foot locus on chromosome 7 and implication in syndromic ectrodactylyScherer, SW; Poorkaj, P; Massa, H; Soder, S; Allen, T; Nunes, M; Geshuri, D; Wong, E; Belloni, E; Little, S; Zhou, L; Becker, D; Kere, J; Ignatius, J; Niikawa, N; Fukushima, Y; Hasegawa, T; Weissenbach, J; Boncinelli, E; Trask, B; Tsui, L-C; Evans, JP1994297
Regional localization of 725 human chromosome 7-specific yeast artificial chromosome clonesKunz, J; Scherer, SW; Klawitz, I; Soder, S; Du, YZ; Speich, N; KalffSuske, M; Heng, HHQ; Tsui, LC; Grzeschik, KH1994243
Fine mapping of the autosomal dominant split hand/split foot locus on chromosome 7, band q21.3-q22.1Scherer, SW; Poorkaj, P; Allen, T; Kim, J; Geshuri, D; Nunes, M; Soder, S; Stephens, K; Pagon, RA; Patton, MA; Berg, MA; Donlon, T; Rivera, H; Pfeiffer, RA; Naritomi, K; Hughes, H; Genuardi, M; Gurrieri, F; Neri, G; Lovrein, E; Magenis, E; Tsui, L-C; Evans, JP1994271
Refined localization and yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) contig-mapping of genes and DNA segments in the 7q21-q32 regionScherer, SW; Rommens, JM; Soder, S; Wong, E; Plavsic, N; Tompkins, BJF; Beattie, A; Kim, J; Tsui, LC1993377
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