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Efficacy of seasonal influenza vaccination in children in Hong Kong: a randomized controlled trialCowling, BJ; Ng, S; Ma, ESK; Fang, VJ; So, T; Wai, W; Cheng, CKY; Wong, YT; Chan, KH; Ip, DKM; Chiu, SSS; Peiris, JSM; Leung, GM2012143
An evaluation of the effectiveness of a step-down clinic for diabetes in Hong KongChow, WS; So, T; Tan, KCB; Choy, A; Hung, V; Hui, CK; Chu, D; Chan, CK; Lam, KSL200369
Emotional maladjustment, physical malaise and diabetic control in young Chinese patients with diabetesLee, PWH; Lam, KSL; LiehMak, F; Chung, KF; So, T1996189
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