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The applied issues in visual perception and action: Preface to a special issueLi, L; So, RHY201344
Effects of eye fixation on visually induced motion sickness: Are they caused by changes in retinal slip velocity?Yang, JX; Guo, CT; So, RHY; Cheung, RTF201187
Isolating the effects of vection and optokinetic nystagmus on optokinetic rotation-induced motion sicknessJi, JTT; So, RHY; Cheung, RTF2009123
The effects of visual stimulus oscillation frequency on postural disturbance in roll and in fore-and-aft directionChow, EHC; Li, JTT; So, RHY; Cheung, RTF200771
Final Program and ProceedingsSo, RHY; Cheung, RTF; Chow, EHC; Li, JTT; Lam, AKC200773
A biologically inspired computational model relating vection and visually induced motion sickness: individual differences and sensitivity analysisJi, JTT; Chow, E; Lor, F; So, RHY; Cheung, RTF; Stanney, K; Howarth, P200780
A search for possible neural pathways leading to visually induced motion sicknessJi, J; So, RHY; Lor, F; Cheung, RTF; Howarth, P; Stanney, K2005111
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