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Detection of highly pathogenic influenza and pandemic influenza virus in formalin fixed tissues by immunohistochemical methodsNicholls, JM; Wong, LPW; Chan, RWY; Poon, LLM; So, LKY; Yen, HL; Fung, K; Van Poucke, S; Peiris, JSM2012195
Ethoxyresorufin-O-deethylase enzyme activities and accumulation of secondary/tertiary lysosomes in rabbitfish Siganus oramin as biomarkers for xenobiotic exposuresFang, JKH; Au, DWT; Chan, AKY; So, LKY; Liu, W; Mok, HOL; Yu, WY; Wu, RSS; Shin, PKS201071
Prevalence of allergic rhinitis and its associated morbidity in adults with asthma: A multicentre studyKo, FWS; Ip, MSM; Chu, CM; So, LKY; Lam, DCL; Hui, DSC2010324
A bioaccumulative cyclometalated platinum(II) complex with two-photon-induced emission for live cell imagingKoo, CK; Wong, KL; Man, CWY; Lam, YW; So, LKY; Tam, HL; Tsao, SW; Cheah, KW; Lau, KC; Yang, YY; Chen, JC; Lam, MHW2009103
Relationship between glutathione S-transferase gene polymorphisms and enzyme activity in Hong Kong Chinese asthmaticsMak, JCW; Ho, SP; Leung, HCM; Cheung, AHK; Law, BKW; So, LKY; Chan, JWM; Chau, CH; Lam, WK; Ip, MSM; ChanYeung, M2007139
Polymorphisms of glutathione S-transferase genes and functional activity in smokers with or without COPDChan-Yeung, M; Ho, SP; Cheung, AHK; So, LKY; Wong, PC; Chan, KK; Chan, JWM; Ip, MSM; Mak, JCW200765
Development of a standard treatment protocol for severe acute respiratory syndromeSo, LKY; Lau, ACW; Yam, LYC; Cheung, TMT; Poon, E; Yung, RWH; Yuen, KY200375
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