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Effects of drink driving on crash risk based on random breath test dataLi, YC; Sze, NN; Wong, SC; Tsui, KL; So, FL201338
Pediatric trauma: causes and pattern in Hong Kong.Leung, M; So, FL; Cheng, A; Yeung, JHH; Wong, HHT; Leung, GKK201289
Simulation of Survivorship Bias in Observational Studies on Plasma to Red Blood Cells Ratio ("1:1") in Massive Transfusion in TraumaHo, AMH; Dion, PW; Yeung, JHH; Joynt, GM; Lee, A; Ng, CSH; Chang, A; So, FL; Cheung, CW201270
Characterization of sports-related injury attendance at trauma centres in Hong Kong.Leung, M; So, FL; Cheng, A; Yeung, JHH; Wong, HHT; Leung, GKK201297
Family violence accounts for 25% of homicides in Hong KongLau, CL; Kam, CW; Choi, AWM; Wong, JYH; So, FL2012108
The first 5 years since Trauma Center Designation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of ChinaLeung, GKK; Chang, A; Cheung, FC; Ho, HF; Ho, W; Hui, SM; Kam, CW; Lai, A; Lam, KW; Leung, M; Liu, SH; Lo, CB; Mok, F; Rainer, TH; Shen, WY; So, FL; Wong, G; Wu, A; Yeung, J; Yuen, WK2011188
Multinomial logit model of bicycle injury risk in Hong KongSze, NN; Tsui, KL; Wong, SC; So, FL2011139
Bicycle-related crashes in hong kong: Is it possible to reduce mortality and severe injury in the metropolitan area?Sze, NN; Tsui, KL; Wong, SC; So, FL2011250
Association between drink driving and severity of crash injuries to road usersTsui, KL; Sze, NN; So, FL; Wong, SC2010279
Misclassification of injury severity among road casualties in police reportsTsui, KL; So, FL; Sze, NN; Wong, SC; Leung, TF2009144
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