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In vitro study of dentine tubule occlusion after fluoride iontophoresis.Chen, L-J; Chen, YM; Guang, H-B; Smales, RJ; Yip, HK200898
Effect of two fiber post types and two luting cement systems on regional post retention using the push-out testWang, VJJ; Chen, YM; Yip, KHK; Smales, RJ; Meng, QF; Chen, L2008111
Fracture resistance and microtensile bond strength of maxillary premolars restored with two resin composite inlay systemsSun, YS; Chen, YM; Smales, RJ; Yip, KHK2008120
Translucency and biaxial flexural strength of four ceramic core materialsChen, YM; Smales, RJ; Yip, KHK; Sung, WJ2008169
Transluency of biaxial flexural strength of four ceramic core materialsChan, YM; Smales, RJ; Yip, HK; Sung, WK2008150
Packable and conventional resin-based composites restoring posterior teeth: SEM evaluation of margins after 3.5 years.Smales, RJ; Poon, ECM; Yip, HK; Ngo, HC2007105
Mathematical analysis of occlusal rest design for cast removable partial dentures.Luk, NK; Wu, VH; Liang, BM; Chen, YM; Yip, KH; Smales, RJ2007113
The effect of ferrule length on fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth restored with different post-and-core materials.Meng, Q-F; Chen, YM; Guang, HB; Yip, HK; Smales, RJ2007111
Fracture resistance of thin-walled roots reinforced by two materialsWu, X; Chan, ATT; Chen, Y-M; Yip, HK; Smales, RJ200762
Fracture resistance of roots with thin walls restored using an intermediate resin compsite layer placed between the dentine and a cast metal postLiang, BMH; Chen, Y-M; Wu, X; Yip, HK; Smales, RJ200782
Gastroesophageal reflux disease and tooth erosion. Edited by: Yip KHK, Smales RJ, Kaidonis JAWong, BCY; Wong, RWM; Smales, RJ2006114
Tooth erosion: prevention and treatment.Yip, HK; Smales, RJ; Kaidonis, J200682
Radiation-induced root surface caries restored with glass-ionomer cement placed in conventional and ART cavity preparations: Results at two yearsHu, JY; Chen, XC; Li, YQ; Smales, RJ; Yip, HK200587
Effects of glass ionomer restorations on carious dentin in primary teethSmales, RJ; Ngo, H; Yip, HK; Yu, C200585
Restorative management of the worn dentitionChu, FCS; Chow, TW; Newsome, PRH; Smales, RJ2005101
Usura differenziale dei denti e dei materiali da restauro Implicazioni clinicheYip, HK; Smales, RJ; Kaidonis, J200580
Clinical evaluation of packable and conventional posterior resin-based hybrid composites: results of 3.5 yearsPoon, ECM; Smales, RJ; Yip, HK200561
Survival of glass ionomer restorations placed in primary molars using atraumatic restorative treatment (ART) and conventional cavity preparations: 2-Year resultsYu, C; Gao, XJ; Deng, DM; Yip, HK; Smales, RJ200494
Effects of artificial saliva and APF gel on the surface roughness of newer glass ionomer cementsYip, HK; To, WM; Smales, RJ2004121
Root surface caries and institutionalized elderlyYip, HK; Smales, RJ200479
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