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Evaluating stakeholder satisfaction during public participation in major infrastructure and construction projects: a fuzzy approachLI, H; Ng, TST; Skitmore, RM201329
Challenges facing carbon dioxide labelling of construction materialsNg, TST; Wong, JMW; Skitmore, RM201335
Carbon dioxide reduction in the building life cycle: a critical reviewNg, TST; Wong, JMW; Skitmore, RM; Veronika, A201278
Negotiation of on-site buffer stocks: a non-structural fuzzy decision support system approachNg, TST; Fang, Y; Skitmore, RM2008111
A framework for evaluating the safety performance of construction contractorsNg, ST; Cheng, KP; Skitmore, RM2005153
Internet-based construction project quality management systemNg, TST; Skitmore, RM200584
Manageability of stress among construction project participantsNg, ST; Skitmore, RM; Leung, TKC2005621
Capitalising experiential knowledge for guiding construction procurement selectionNg, TST; Luu, DT; Skitmore, RM200593
Modelling the logistics of construction materials through the Petri net techniquesFang, Y; Ng, TST; Skitmore, RM200479
An integrated model for construction tender price index forecastingNg, TST; Cheung, SO; Skitmore, RM; Wong, TCY2004122
Improving existing delay analysis techniques for the establishment of delay liabilitiesNg, TST; Skitmore, RM; Deng, MZM; Nadeem, A2004100
Demotivating factors influencing the productivity of civil engineering projectsNg, ST; Skitmore, RM; Lam, KC; Poon, AWC2004140
Ten basic factors to identify suitable subcontractors for construction projectsNg, TST; Skitmore, RM; Chung, WF2003107
Forecast models for actual construction time and costSkitmore, RM; Ng, ST2003121
Contractors' risk in Design, Novate and Construct contractsNg, ST; Skitmore, RM2002106
The predictive ability of Bromilow's time-cost modelNg, ST; Mak, MMY; Skitmore, RM; Lam, KC; Varnam, M2001159
A human resource information system for construction companiesNg, TST; Skitmore, RM; Sharma, T2001122
Australian project time-cost analysis: in search of intermporal trendsSkitmore, RM; Ng, TST200179
Decision Support System for contractor prequalification - artificial neural network modelLam, KC; Ng, TST; Hu, T; Skitmore, RM; Cheung, SO2000104
The prediction of tender price index directional changesNg, TST; Cheung, SO; Skitmore, RM; Lam, KC; Wong, LY2000107
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