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Association of inflammation-related and microRNA gene expression with cancer-specific mortality of colon adenocarcinomaSchetter, AJ; Giang, HN; Bowman, ED; Mathé, EA; Siu, TY; Hawkes, JE; Croce, CM; Suet, YL; Harris, CC2009596
Gene expression patterns of human colon tops and basal crypts and BMP antagonists as intestinal stem cell niche factorsKosinski, C; Li, VSW; Chan, ASY; Zhang, J; Ho, C; Wai, YT; Tsun, LC; Mifflin, RC; Powell, DW; Siu, TY; Suet, YL; Chen, X2007545
Parallels between global transcriptional programs of polarizing Caco-2 intestinal epithelial cells in vitro and gene expression programs in normal colon and colon cancerSääf, AM; Halbleib, JM; Chen, X; Siu, TY; Suet, YL; Nelson, WJ; Brown, PO2007567
Recurrent KRAS codon 146 mutations in human colorectal cancerEdkins, S; O'Meara, S; Parker, A; Stevens, C; Reis, M; Jones, S; Greenman, C; Davies, H; Dalgliesh, G; Forbes, S; Hunter, C; Smith, R; Stephens, P; Goldstraw, P; Nicholson, A; Tsun, LC; Velculescu, VE; Siu, TY; Suet, YL; Stratton, MR; Futreal, PA2006155
Comprehensive analysis of 19q12 amplicon in human gastric cancersSuet, YL; Ho, C; Tu, IP; Li, R; So, S; Chu, KM; Siu, TY; Chen, X2006131
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