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Rapid identification of mycobacteria and rapid detection of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis in cultured isolates and in respiratory specimensYam, WC; Siu, GKH201317
Evaluation Of The Lightcycler Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (mrsa) Advanced Test For Detection Of Mrsa Nasal ColonicationYam, WC; Siu, GKH; Ho, PL; NG, TK; Que, TL; Yip, KT; FOK, CP; Chen, JHK; Cheng, VCC; Yuen, KY201320
Direct bacterial identification in positive blood cultures by use of two commercial matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry systemsChen, JHK; Ho, PL; Kwan, SWG; She, KKK; Siu, GKH; Cheng, VCC; Yuen, KY; Yam, WC201330
Epidemiology of Klebsiella oxytoca-associated diarrhea detected by simmons citrate agar supplemented with inositol, tryptophan, and bile saltsCheng, VCC; Yam, WC; Tsang, LL; Yau, MCY; Siu, GKH; Wong, SCY; Chan, JFW; To, KKW; Tse, H; Hung, IFN; Tai, JWM; Ho, PL; Yuen, KY2012187
High-Resolution Melting Analysis for the Rapid Detection of Fluoroquinolone and Streptomycin Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosisLee, ASG; Ong, DC; Wong, JC; Siu, GKH; Yam, WC201220
Molecular characterization of fluoroquinolone-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates from Shanghai, ChinaZhu, C; Zhang, Y; Shen, Y; Siu, GKH; Wu, W; Qian, X; Deng, G; Xu, Y; Lau, R; Fan, X; Zhang, W; Lu, H; Yam, WC2012149
Conformational flexibility determines selectivity and antibacterial, antiplasmodial, and anticancer potency of cationic α-helical peptidesVermeer, LS; Lan, Y; Abbate, V; Ruh, E; Bui, TT; Wilkinson, L; Jumagulova, E; Kozlowska, J; Patel, J; McIntyre, CA; Yam, WC; Siu, GKH; Atkinson, RA; Lam, JKW; Bansal, SS; Drake, AF; Mitchell, GH; Mason, AJ201272
Direct detection of isoniazid-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in respiratory specimens by multiplex allele-specific polymerase chain reactionSiu, GKH; Tam, YH; Ho, PL; Lee, ASG; Que, TL; Tse, CWS; Yip, KT; Lam, JTH; Cheng, VCC; Yuen, KY; Yam, WC2011127
Mutations outside the rifampicin resistance-determining region associated with rifampicin resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosisSiu, GKH; Zhang, Y; Lau, TCK; Lau, RWT; Ho, PL; Yew, WW; Tsui, SKW; Cheng, VCC; Yuen, KY; Yam, WC2011123
Clostridium difficile isolates with increased sporulation: Emergence of PCR ribotype 002 in Hong KongCheng, VCC; Yam, WC; Lam, OTC; Tsang, JLY; Tse, EYF; Siu, GKH; Chan, JFW; Tse, H; To, KKW; Tai, JWM; Ho, PL; Yuen, KY2011186
Rapid diagnosis of multidrug-resistant smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosisLau, RWT; Ho, PL; Kao, RYT; Siu, GKH; Cheng, VCC; Yuen, KY; Yam, WC2010505
Rapid detection of rifampicin- and isoniazid-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis by high-resolution melting analysisOng, DCT; Yam, WC; Siu, GKH; Lee, ASG2010187
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