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Hong Kong Oral History Archives Collection - 179 interview records, synopses and an indexing system (from Oct 2001 to Nov 2004)Wong, WL; Wong, SN; Sinn, EYY; Wong, TWP; Yip, HM; Choi, PK; Pun, NGAI; Cheung, KY; Lee, V; Davies, W; Ozorio, A2006126
Maintaining Immigrant Communities: The Organization of Yulan Festivals in Post-war Hong KongSinn, EYY; Wong, WL200480
Emerging Media: Hong Kong and the Early Evolution of the Chinese PressSinn, EYY2002250
Xin Xi Guxiang: A Study of Regional Associations as a Bonding Mechanism in the Chinese Diaspora. The Hong Kong ExperienceSinn, EYY1997333
Review of 'Friends & Teachers. Hong Kong and Its People 1953-87'Sinn, EYY1997213
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