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Investigation of the protein/polyphosphate binding interface: mutational studies on mycobacterium tuberculosis polyphosphate kinase 2 (PPK2)Ao, KL; Shum, KT; Tanner, JA201264
Dissecting the mechanism of binding between polyphosphate and polyphosphate kinase 2Ao, KL; Shum, KT; Tanner, JA201279
Tailored Selection of Nucleic Acid Aptamers against Sclerostin and Aggrecanase for Skeletal Disease TherapeuticsYu, Y; Chan, WL; Shum, KT; Tanner, JA201266
G-quadruplex DNA aptamers and their ligands: Structure, function and applicationTucker, WO; Shum, KT; Tanner, JA2012203
Inhibiting sclerostin with a nucleic acid aptamer as a new approach to osteoporosis therapyShum, KT; Chan, SLC; Tanner, JA2011107
High-Affinity Nucleic Acid Aptamers against Sclerostin ProteinTanner, JA; Shum, KT; Chan, SLC2011135
DNA aptamers binding H5N1 virus nucleoprotein showed antiviral effects.Zheng, B; Lin, Y; Shum, KT; Tanner, JA2011107
Aptamer-mediated inhibition of mycobacterium tuberculosis polyphosphate kinase 2Shum, KT; Lui, ELH; Wong, SCK; Yeung, P; Sam, L; Wang, Y; Watt, RM; Tanner, JA2011219
Identification of a DNA aptamer that inhibits sclerostin's antagonistic effect on Wnt signallingShum, KT; Chan, C; Leung, CM; Tanner, JA2011205
Chemical biologyTanner, JA; Shum, KT2010128
New approaches to osteoporosis therapy with aptamer-based inhibitorsShum, KT; Tucker, WO; Chan, SLC; Leung, CM; Tanner, JA2010106
Aptamer-mediated inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis polyphosphate kinase 2Shum, KT; Lui, ELH; Wang, Y; Watt, RM; Tanner, JA2010129
Study of DNA aptamers binding H5N1 virus nucleoproteinLin, Y; Shum, KT; Tanner, JA; Zheng, B20101,142
Effect of Inorganic Polyphosphate on Higher Eukaryotic CellsLui, LHE; Shum, KT; Tanner, JA200982
Aptamer-based Inhibitor of Sclerostin for Osteoporosis TherapyShum, KT; Chan, C; Leung, CM; Tanner, JA200998
Selection, validation and delivery of DNA aptamers against infectious disease targetsTanner, JA; Zheng, B; Lin, YP; Kimura, M; Lui, ELH; Shum, KT2009139
Aptamer-mediated Inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Polyphosphate Kinase 2Shum, KT; Tanner, JA2009102
Aptamers against polyphosphate kinase 2 (PPK2) from mycobacterium tuberculosis as a potential approach of novel anti-tuberculosis therapyLui, ELH; Shum, KT; Sam, L; Wang, Y; Watt, RM; Tanner, JA2009155
G-quadruplex aptamers inhibit sclerostin for osteoporosis therapyShum, KT; Chan, CSL; Leung, CM; Tanner, JA2009302
Differential inhibitory activities and stabilisation of DNA aptamers against the SARS coronavirus helicase.Shum, KT; Tanner, JA2008111
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