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Morphological awareness in Chinese: Unique associations of homophone awareness and lexical compounding to word reading and vocabulary knowledge in Chinese childrenLiu, P; McBride-Chang, C; Wong, TTY; Shu, H; Wong, AMY201335
Central auditory nervous system dysfunction in infants with non-syndromic cleft lip and/or palateYang, FF; McPherson, B; Shu, H; Xiao, Y201281
Reading with meaning: The contributions of meaning-related variables at the word and subword levels to early Chinese reading comprehensionZhang, J; McBride-Chang, C; Tong, X; Wong, AMY; Shu, H; Fong, CYC201275
Structural abnormalities of the central auditory pathway in infants with nonsyndromic cleft lip and/or palateYang, FF; McPherson, B; Shu, H; Xie, N; Xiang, K201251
Specific Reading Difficulties in Chinese, English, or Both: Longitudinal Markers of Phonological Awareness, Morphological Awareness, and RAN in Hong Kong Chinese Children.McBride-Chang, C; Liu, P. D.; Wong, T.; Wong, AMY; Shu, H201224
Writing quality in Chinese children: Speed and fluency matterYan, CMW; McbrideChang, C; Wagner, RK; Zhang, J; Wong, AMY; Shu, H201277
Longitudinal predictors of spelling and reading comprehension in Chinese as an L1 and English as an L2 in Hong Kong Chinese childrenTong, L; McBride-Chang, C; Wong, A; Shu, H2012126
Evaluation of an auditory assessment protocol for Chinese infants with non-syndromic cleft lip and/or palateYang, F; McPherson, DB; Shu, H201225
Improving successful rate of transcranial electrical motor-evoked potentials monitoring during spinal surgery in young childrenYang, J; Huang, Z; Shu, H; Chen, Y; Sun, X; Liu, W; Dou, Y; Xie, C; Lin, X; Hu, Y2012149
Longitudinal predictors of very early chinese literacy acquisitionTong, X; McbrideChang, C; Wong, AMY; Shu, H; Reitsma, P; Rispens, J2011138
Early oral language markers of poor reading performance in Hong Kong Chinese childrenLiu, PD; McBrideChang, C; Wong, AMY; Tardif, T; Stokes, SF; Fletcher, P; Shu, H2010179
Morphological awareness, orthographic knowledge, and spelling errors: Keys to understanding early chinese literacy acquisitionTong, X; McbrideChang, C; Shu, H; Wong, AM2009325
Predictors of reading comprehension difficulties in Chinese childrenMcBride-Chang, C; Fong, CYC; Tong, X; Wong, AMY; Shu, H2009334
Age-of-acquisition effects on oral reading in ChineseLiu, Y; Hao, M; Shu, H; Tan, LH; Weekes, BS2008172
Syllable, phoneme, and tone: Psycholinguistic units in early Chinese and english word recognitionMcBrideChang, C; Tong, X; Shu, H; Wong, AMY; Leung, KW; Tardif, T2008159
What's in a word? Morphological awareness and vocabulary knowledge in three languagesMcBrideChang, C; Tardif, T; Cho, JR; Shu, H; Fletcher, P; Stokes, SF; Wong, A; Leung, K2008235
The interaction between semantic and the nonsemantic systems in reading: Evidence from ChineseBi, Y; Han, Z; Weekes, B; Shu, H2007109
Predictors of timed picture naming in ChineseWeekes, BS; Shu, H; Hao, M; Liu, Y; Tan, LH2007183
What's in a word? Understanding vocabulary development in kindergartners from three culturesMcBride-Chang, C.A; Tardif, T; Cho, J.R; Wong, AMY; Shu, H200776
The interaction between semantic and sublexical routes in reading: Converging evidence from ChineseHan, Z; Bi, Y; Shu, H; Weekes, BS2005102
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