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Effect of diode laser on proliferation and differentiation of PC12 cells.Saito, K; Hashimoto, S; Jung, HS; Shimono, M; Nakagawa, K201157
Effect of stretching stress on gene transcription related to early-phase differentiation in rat periodontal ligament cells.Enokiya, Y; Hashimoto, S; Muramatsu, T; Jung, HS; Tazaki, M; Inoue, T; Abiko, Y; Shimono, M201063
Down-regulated genes in mouse dental papillae and pulpSasaki, H; Muramatsu, T; Kwon, HJ; Yamamoto, H; Hashimoto, S; Jung, HS; Shimono, M201066
Involvement of laminin and integrins in adhesion and migration of junctional epithelium cellsKinumatsu, T; Hashimoto, S; Muramatsu, T; Sasaki, H; Jung, HS; Yamada, S; Shimono, M200973
Immunolocalization of laminin and integrin in regenerating junctional epithelium of mice after gingivectomyMasaoka, T; Hashimoto, S; Kinumatsu, T; Muramatsu, T; Jung, HS; Yamada, S; Shimono, M200973
Comparative analysis of ABCG2-expressing and label-retaining cells in mouse submandibular glandKim, YJ; Kwon, HJ; Shinozaki, N; Hashimoto, S; Shimono, M; Cho, SW; Jung, HS200864
Morphological evidence of basal keratinocyte migration during the re-epithelialization processHosoya, A; Lee, JM; Cho, SW; Kim, JY; Shinozaki, N; Shibahara, T; Shimono, M; Jung, HS200876
Differential expression and localization of connexins 26 and 43 in the rat gingival epitheliumMuramatsu, T; Uekusa, T; Masaoka, T; Saitoh, M; Hashimoto, S; Abiko, Y; Jung, HS; Shimono, M200868
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