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NO and EDHF pathways in pulmonary arteries and veins are impaired in COPD patientsYang, Q; Shigemura, N; Underwood, MJ; Hsin, M; Xue, H-M; Huang, Y; He, G-W; Yu, C-M201221
Multidisciplinary Management of Life-Threatening Massive Hemoptysis: A 10-Year ExperienceShigemura, N; Wan, IY; Yu, SCH; Wong, RH; Hsin, MKY; Thung, HK; Lee, T-W; Wan, S; Underwood, MJ; Yim, APC200927
Modulation by simvastatin of iberiotoxin-sensitive, Ca 2+- activated K + channels of porcine coronary artery smooth muscle cellsSeto, SW; Au, ALS; Lam, TY; Chim, SSC; Lee, SMY; Wan, S; Tjiu, DCS; Shigemura, N; Yim, APC; Chan, SW; Tsui, SKW; Leung, GPH; Kwan, YW200776
Bronchiolitis obliterans following lung transplantationAl-Githmi, I; Batawil, N; Shigemura, N; Hsin, M; lee, TW; He, G-W; Yim, A200621
Segmental rib resection for difficult cases of video-assisted thoracic surgeryShigemura, N; Hsin, MK; Yim, APC200619
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