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Is warrant really a derivative? Evidence from the Chinese warrant marketChang, EC; Luo, X; Shi, L; Zhang, JE2013100
Determination of the tension softening curve of nuclear graphites using the incremental displacement collocation methodSu, KL; Chen, H; Fok, SL; Li, H; Singh, G; Sun, L; Shi, L201344
Does acupuncture therapy alter activation of neural pathway for pain perception in irritable bowel syndrome?: A comparative study of true and sham acupuncture using functional magnetic resonance imagingChu, WCW; Wu, JCY; Yew, DTW; Zhang, L; Shi, L; Yeung, DKW; Wang, D; Tong, RKY; Chan, Y; Lao, L; Leung, PC; Berman, BM; Sung, JJY201235
Commodity Procurement Risk Management with Futures Contracts: A Dynamic Stack-and-Roll ApproachShi, L; Chu, LK; Wu, F; Sculli, D201276
Explicit hypoxia targeting with tumor suppression by creating an "obligate" anaerobic Salmonella Typhimurium strainYu, B; Yang, M; Shi, L; Yao, YD; Jiang, QQ; Li, XF; Tang, LH; Zheng, B; Yuen, KY; Smith, DK; Song, EW; Huang, J2012106
Separable linear discriminant analysisZhao, J; Yu, PLH; Shi, L; Li, S2012112
Thin-film composite hollow fiber membranes for pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) process with high power densityChou, S; Wang, R; Shi, L; She, Q; Tang, C; Fane, AG201243
Utility of the trnH–psbA Intergenic Spacer Region and Its Combinations as Plant DNA Barcodes: A Meta-AnalysisPang, X; Liu, C; Shi, L; Liu, R; Liang, D; Li, H; Cherny, SS; Chen, S201265
Biodegradation of benzene homologues in contaminated sediment of the East China SeaLi, H; Zhang, Q; Wang, XL; Ma, XY; Lin, KF; Liu, YD; Gu, JD; Lu, SG; Shi, L; Lu, Q; Shen, TT2012102
Mapping the central effects of chronic ketamine administration in an adolescent primate model by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)Yu, H; Li, Q; Wang, D; Shi, L; Lu, G; Sun, L; Wang, L; Zhu, W; Mak, YT; Wong, N; Wang, Y; Pan, F; Yew, DT2012144
Effect of substrate structure on the performance of thin-film composite forward osmosis hollow fiber membranesShi, L; Chou, SR; Wang, R; Fang, WX; Tang, CY; Fane, AG201125
Development of a trans-kingdom expression system in cancer therapyShi, L; Song, EW; Huang, J201179
Is Warrant Really a Derivative? Evidence from the Chinese Warrant MarketZhang, J; Chang, EC; Shi, L201194
Dynamic wavelet neural network model for forecasting returns of SHFE copper futures priceShi, L; Chu, LK; Chen, YH2011106
Development of thin-film composite fo hollow fiber membranes and their potential applicationsWang, R; Shi, L; Chou, SR; Fan, WX; Tang, CY; Qiu, CQ; Fane, AG201047
State estimation over a communication network: Measurement or estimate communication?Shi, L; Yuan, Y; Chen, MZQ201091
Characterization of novel forward osmosis hollow fiber membranesWang, R; Shi, L; Tang, CY; Chou, S; Qiu, C; Fane, AG201020
Characteristics and potential applications of a novel forward osmosis hollow fiber membraneChou, S; Shi, L; Wang, R; Tang, CY; Qiu, C; Fane, AG201027
Chronic ketamine abuse causes dysfunctions of different brain areas relevant to neurodevelopmental psychiatric disorders: evidence from fMRI in a primate modelYu, HL; Li, Q; Wong, DF; Shi, L; Mak, YT; Lu, G; Shun, L; Wang, L; Cheng, M; Pan, F; Yew, DT2010139
Acid-based electrospinning of type I collagen nanofibers for neural tissue engineeringLiu, T; Choy, THA; Shi, L; Chan, BP; Chew, SY2009159
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