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Differentially Private Continual Monitoring of Heavy Hitters from Distributed Streams (over a Sliding Window)Chan, HTH; Li, M; Shi, E; Xu, W201275
Privacy-Preserving Stream Aggregation with Fault ToleranceChan, HTH; Shi, E; Song, D201248
Optimal lower bound for differentially private multi-party aggregationChan, HTH; Shi, E; Song, D201218
Private and Continual Release of StatisticsChan, HTH; Shi, E; Song, D201148
Oblivious RAM with O((log N)3) worst-case costShi, E; Chan, HTH; Stefanov, E; Li, M201198
Privacy-Preserving Aggregation of Time-Series DataShi, E; Chan, HTH; Rieffel, E; Chow, R; Song, D201176
Private and continual release of statisticsChan, HTH; Shi, E; Song, D2010114
Multi-Dimensional Range Query over Encrypted DataShi, E; Bethencourt, J; Chan, THH; Song, D; Perrig, A2007135
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