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Effects of the tibetan plateau crustal structure on the inversion of water trend rates using simulated GRACE/GPS dataWang, H; Xiang, L; Wu, P; Steffen, H; Jia, L; Jiang, L; Shen, Q201320
The effectiveness of DustBubbles on dust control in the process of concrete drillingFan, SC; Wong, YW; Shen, L; Lu, W; Wang, T; Yu, A; Shen, Q2012117
Spatiotemporal dynamics of diffusional kurtosis, mean diffusivity and perfusion changes in experimental strokeHui, ES; Du, F; Huang, S; Shen, Q; Duong, TQ201227
Diffusion kurtosis is sensitive to hyperacute cerebral ischemia and increases with ischemic progression without renormalizationHui, SK; Du, F; Shen, Q; Huang, S; Duong, TQ201116
Can diffusion kurtosis imaging provide better ischemic lesion delineation?Hui, SK; Du, F; Shen, Q; Huang, S; Duong, TQ201115
Modeling Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a learning tool for construction worksLu, W; Peng, Y; Li, H; Shen, Q2010188
Examination of traveler responses to real-time information about bus arrivals using panel dataZhang, F; Clifton, KJ; Shen, Q2009310
A system dynamics model for the sustainable land use planning and developmentShen, Q; Chen, Q; Tang, Bs; Yeung, S; Hu, Y; Cheung, G2009190
Multiple-objective bidding strategy using goal programming techniqueTan, Y; Shen, L; Lu, W; Shen, Q2008278
Synthesis and structural characterization of lanthanide coordination polymers constructed from a 13-membered macrocycleYao, Y; Shen, Q; Wong, WT2007130
Macromolecular phasingShen, Q; Hao, Q; Gruner, SM2006108
Multilayer X-ray optics at CHESSKazimirov, A; Smilgies, DM; Shen, Q; Xiao, X; Hao, Q; Fontes, E; Bilderback, DH; Gruner, SM; Platonov, Y; Martynov, VV2006121
Synthesis, reactivity and characterizations of amine bis(phenolate) lanthanide complexes and their application in the polymerization of ε-caprolactoneYao, YM; Ma, MT; Xu, XP; Zhang, Y; Shen, Q; Wong, WT200592
Crystallographic data collection using a 0.22% bandwidth multilayerEnglich, U; Kazimirov, A; Shen, Q; Bilderback, DH; Gruner, SM; Hao, Q2005121
Carbon-Bridged Bis(phenolato)lanthanide Alkoxides: Syntheses, Structures, and Their Application in the Controlled Polymerization of ε-CaprolactoneYao, YM; Xu, X; Liu, B; Zhang, Y; Shen, Q; Wong, WT2005132
Synthesis, characterization and structural diversity of lanthanide chlorides supported by the β-diketiminate ligand [{(2,6-Me2C6H3)NC(Me)}2CH]−Zhang, ZQ; Yao, YM; Zhang, Y; Shen, Q; Wong, WT2004104
Synthesis and characterization of β-diketiminate lanthanide complexes: the effect of the bulkiness of ancillary ligand on the reactionYao, YM; Xue, MQ; Luo, Y; Zhang, Z; Jiao, R; Zhang, Y; Shen, Q; Wong, W; Yu, K; Sun, J2003150
A computer-aided decision support system for assessing a contractor's competitivenessShen, LY; Lu, W; Shen, Q; Li, H2003184
Syntheses and crystal structures of lanthanide complexes of new 15-membered macrocyclic ligands with three pendant acetato groupsYao, YM; Shen, Q; Wong, WT2003103
Indexing and Retrieval of Historical Aggregate Information about Moving ObjectsPapadias, D; Tao, Y; Zhang, J; Mamoulis, N; Shen, Q; Sun, J2002538
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