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Prefrontal white matter impairment in substance users depends upon the catechol-o-methyl transferase (COMT) val158met polymorphismZhang, X; Lee, LR; Salmeron, BJ; Stein, DJ; Hong, E; Geng, X; Ross, TJ; Li, N; Hodgkinson, C; Shen, P201220
Yin yang 1 directly regulates the transcription of RE-1 silencing transcription factor. (G, Niu is the corresponding author)Jiang, L; Yao, M; Shi, J; Shen, P; Niu, G; Fei, J2008137
Benthic infaunal community of intertidal mudflat at the Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site of Hong KongShen, P; Gu, J; Lai, HY2005102
Heavy metals in the benthic infauna gastropoda (Sermyla riqueti and Stenothyra devalis) of Mai Po Nature Reserve and Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site of Hong KongLai, MY; Shen, P; Zhao, Z; Zhou, H; Gu, J2005148
Ecological pollution stress on benthic infauna macroinfaunal community at the Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site in Hong KongShen, P; Zhou, H; Yan, Y; Gu, J; Lai, HY2005149
Ecological quality of water and sediment at Mai Po Nature Reserve of Hong KongGu, J; Zhao, Z; Lai, HY; Shen, P2005103
Distribution and sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments of the Mai Po Marshes Wetland of Hong KongZhao, Z; Fan, Y; Shen, P; Lai, HY; Gu, J200495
Benthic infauna communities as indicators of environmental stress in the Mai Po Inner Deep Bay of Hong Kong SARShen, P; Zhou, H; Cheung, KS; Gu, J200498
Degradation of phthalic acid and ortho-dimethyl phthalate ester by bacteria isolated from sewage aludge and its biochemical pathywayShen, P; Wang, Y; Gu, J2004143
Macrobenthic communities as indicators of environmental quality in the Mai Po Inner Deep Bay, Hong KongShen, P; Gu, J2004142
Benthic infaunal community as an ecological indicator in the baseline ecological monitoring programme for the Mai Po Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site, Hong KongGu, J; Zhou, H; Cheung, KS; Shen, P; Lai, HY2003129
Platinum nanoparticles spontaneously formed on HOPGShen, P; Chi, N; Chan, KY; Phillips, DL2001128
Morphology of electrodeposited WO3 studied by atomic force microscopyShen, P; Chi, N; Chan, KY200058
Kinetic studies of the reduction of chloromanganese porphyrinMu, LJ; Zhou, Y; Lin, H; Huang, J; Shen, P199991
Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of manganese porphyrin-thiolate complexesMu, L; Huang, J; Zhou, Y; Shen, P199788
Synthesis and characterization of iron and manganese porphyrin complexes with amino-acid-esters as axial ligandMu, L; Qiu, X; Zhou, Y; Huang, J; Shen, P1997134
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