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Specific recognition of phosphorylated tail of H2AX by the tandem BRCT domains of MCPH1 revealed by complex structureShao, Z; Li, F; Sy, SMH; Yan, W; Zhang, Z; Gong, D; Wen, B; Huen, MSY; Gong, Q; Wu, J; Shi, Y2012177
Geometrical detection algorithm for MIMO systemsShao, Z; Cheung, SW; Yuk, TTI2011154
Multiple alkane hydroxylase systems in a marine alkane degrader, Alcanivorax dieselolei B-5Liu, C; Wang, W; Wu, Y; Zhou, Z; Lai, Q; Shao, Z201190
LINGO-1 negatively regulates TrkB phosphorylation after ocular hypertensionFu, QL; Hu, B; Li, X; Shao, Z; Shi, JB; Wu, W; So, KF; Mi, S2010121
Alcanivorax hongdengensis sp. nov., an alkane-degrading bacterium isolated from surface seawater of the straits of Malacca and Singapore, producing a lipopeptide as its biosurfactantWu, Y; Lai, Q; Zhou, Z; Qiao, N; Liu, C; Shao, Z200957
Promotion of central nervous system remyelination by induced differentiation of oligodendrocyte precursor cellsMi, S; Miller, RH; Tang, W; Lee, X; Hu, B; Wu, W; Zhang, Y; Shields, CB; Zhang, Y; Miklasz, S; Shea, D; Mason, J; Franklin, RJM; Ji, B; Shao, Z; Chédotal, A; Bernard, F; Roulois, A; Xu, J; Jung, V; Pepinsky, B2009183
Combined effect of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and LINGO-1 fusion protein on long-term survival of retinal ganglion cells in chronic glaucomaFu, QL; Li, X; Yip, HK; Shao, Z; Wu, W; Mi, S; So, KF2009297
Rodent EAE model for the study of axon integrity and remyelinationMi, S; Hu, B; Hahm, K; Luo, Y; Hui, ESK; Yuan, Q; Wong, WM; Wang, L; Su, H; Chu, TH; Guo, J; Zhang, W; So, KF; Pepinsky, B; Shao, Z; Graff, Christilyn; Garber, Ellen; Jung, V; Wu, EX; Wu, W2007226
LINGO-1 antagonist promotes spinal cord remyelination and axonal integrity in MOG-induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitisMi, S; Hu, B; Hahm, K; Luo, Y; Hui, ESK; Yuan, Q; Wong, WM; Wang, L; Su, H; Chu, TH; Guo, J; Zhang, W; So, KF; Pepinsky, B; Shao, Z; Graff, C; Garber, E; Jung, V; Wu, EX; Wu, W2007187
Thalassospira xiamenensis sp. nov. and Thalassospira profundimaris sp. novLiu, C; Wu, Y; Li, L; Yingfei, M; Shao, Z200767
LINGO-1 antagonist promotes functional recovery and axonal sprouting after spinal cord injuryJi, B; Li, M; Wu, WT; Yick, LW; Lee, X; Shao, Z; Wang, J; So, KF; Mccoy, JM; Blake Pepinsky, R; Mi, S; Relton, JK2006101
Message from IWEC workshop co-chairsGentile, A; Verdoscia, L; Vitabile, S; Abderazek, BA; Yang, LT; Audsley, N; Cai, X; Cao, J; Chai, SM; Chang, N; Cheng, A; Fanucci, L; Givargis, T; Gomes, L; Gupta, R; Hassan, H; Hsiao, MS; Hsiung, PA; Joe, K; John, E; Kastner, R; Kwok, YK; Lee, YH; Leporati, F; LopezLagunas, A; Li, T; Liao, SW; Lin, M; Macii, A; Nakano, K; Navet, N; O'donnell, J; Robinson, WH; Shao, Z; Sorbello, F; Taha, T; Wang, F; Scott Wills, D; Wills, LM; Xue, J; Zhang, F; Zhang, Y; Zhou, H; Zhu, D; Zhu, Y; Marinoni, M; Foglia, P200687
LINGO-1 Antagonists protects retinal ganglion cells in a chronic hypertensive model of glaucomaFu, Q; Wu, W; Hu, B; Chan, SYM; Shao, Z; Pepinsky, RB; Mi, S; So, KF200669
Alcanivorax dieselolei sp. nov., a novel alkane-degrading bacterium isolated from sea water and deep-sea sedimentLiu, C; Shao, Z200546
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