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Chiral copper-bipyridine complexes: Synthesis, characterization and mechanistic studies on asymmetric cyclopropanationLee, WS; Yeung, CT; Sham, KC; Wong, WT; Kwong, HL2011366
Coordination properties of axially unfixed chiral dipyridine ligands towards metal and ammonium ionsSham, KC; Lee, CS; Chan, KY; Yiu, SM; Wong, WT; Kwong, HL2011370
Cobalt and iron complexes of chiral C1- and C2-terpyridines: Synthesis, characterization and use in catalytic asymmetric cyclopropanation of styrenesYeung, CT; Sham, KC; Lee, WS; Wong, WT; Wong, WY; Kwong, HL2009658
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