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Geology, mineralization, and geochronology of the Qianhe gold deposit, Xiong’ershan area, southern North China CratonTang, K; Li, J; Selby, D; Zhou, MF; Bi, S; Deng, X201326
Sulfide Re-Os and Rb-Sr isotope dating of the Kangdian IOCG metallogenic province, southwest China: Implications for regional metallogenesisZhao, X; Zhou, MF; Li, J; Selby, D; Li, X; Qi, L201330
The early cretaceous Yangzhaiyu lode gold deposit, north China craton: A link between craton reactivation and gold veiningLi, JW; Li, ZK; Zhou, MF; Chen, L; Bi, SJ; Deng, XD; Qiu, HN; Cohen, B; Selby, D; Zhao, XF2012230
Giant Mesozoic gold provinces related to the destruction of the North China cratonLi, JW; Bi, SJ; Selby, D; Chen, L; Vasconcelos, P; Thiede, D; Zhou, MF; Zhao, XF; Li, ZK; Qiu, HN2012150
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