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Age, period, and cohort analysis of regular dental care behavior and edentulism: A marginal approachLi, KY; Wong, MCM; Lam, KF; Schwarz, E2011180
Marginal approach in analyzing sequential cross-sectional oral health survey dataLi, KY; Wong, MCM; Lam, KF; Schwarz, E2009126
A case-control study comparing 30% of children with the highest DMFS score and children with no caries in Southern ChinaLin, HC; Zhang, R; Lo, ECM; Schwarz, E2009137
Staff recruitment, development and global mobilityCorbet, E; Akinwade, J; Duggal, R; Gebreegziabher, G; Hirvikangas, H; Hysi, D; Katrova, L; KaraharjuSuvanto, T; McGrath, C; Ono, K; Radnai, M; Schwarz, E; Scott, J; Sixou, JL; Soboleva, U; Uoshima, K; YanevaRibagina, K; Fox, C2008182
Coronal and root caries in Southern Chinese adultsLin, HC; Wong, MCM; Zhang, HG; Lo, ECM; Schwarz, E2001342
Utilization of dental services in Southern ChinaLo, ECM; Lin, HC; Wang, ZJ; Wong, MCM; Schwarz, E2001221
Oral health status and oral health behaviors in Chinese childrenWong, MCM; Lo, ECM; Schwarz, E; Zhang, HG2001300
An oral health survey in Southern China, 1997: Background and methodologySchwarz, E; Zhang, HG; Wang, ZJ; Lin, HC; Lo, ECM; Corbet, EF; Wong, MCM2001161
Dental work force in ChinaSchwarz, E; Lo, ECM; Lin, HC2001123
Periodontal attachment loss in adults in Guangdong, PRCCorbet, EF; Wong, MCM; Lin, HC; Lo, ECM; Schwarz, E1999119
Oral health status of southern Chinese following head and neck irradiation therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinomaSchwarz, E; Chiu, GKC; Leung, WK1999243
Dental treatment needs among adults in Southern ChinaLo, ECM; Schwarz, E; Lin, HC; Corbet, EF; Wong, MCM1999153
Utilization of dental care services among adults in Southern ChinaLo, ECM; Lin, HC; Wong, MCM; Schwarz, E1999132
Determinants for dental visit behavior among Hong Kong Chinese in a longitudinal studyLo, ECM; Schwarz, E199859
Arresting dentine caries in Chinese preschool childrenLo, ECM; Schwarz, E; Wong, MCM199894
Prevention of early childhood caries - Results of a fluoride toothpaste demonstration trial on Chinese preschool children after three yearsSchwarz, E; Lo, ECM; Wong, MCM1998104
Dental status among adults in Southern ChinaLin, HC; Wong, MCM; Lo, ECM; Schwarz, E1998121
Tooth loss, prosthetic status and occluding pairs in 65-74 year-old Guangdong residentsLin, HC; Corbet, EF; Lo, ECM; Wong, MCM; Schwarz, E; Davies, WIR1998184
Caries development in relation to parental oral health knowledge and attitudesWong, MCM; Lo, ECM; Schwarz, E1998158
Periodontal conditions in urban Guangdong and Hong KongCorbet, EF; Wong, MCM; Lin, HC; Lo, ECM; Schwarz, E1998141
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