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Long-term entecavir therapy results in the reversal of fibrosis/cirrhosis and continued histological improvement in patients with chronic hepatitis BChang, TT; Liaw, YF; Wu, SS; Schiff, E; Han, KH; Lai, CL; Safadi, R; Lee, SS; Halota, W; Goodman, Z; Chi, YC; Zhang, H; Hindes, R; Iloeje, U; Beebe, S; Kreter, B2010132
Adefovir dipivoxil for wait-listed and post-liver transplantation patients with lamivudine-resistant hepatitis B: Final long-term resultsSchiff, E; Lai, CL; Hadziyannis, S; Nuehaus, P; Terrault, N; Colombo, M; Tillmann, H; Samuel, D; Zuezem, S; Villenueve, JP; Arteburn, S; BorrotoEsoda, K; Brosgart, C; Chuck, S; Shakil, AO; Fung, J; Alberti, A; Lok, A; Picciotto, A; Torre, F; Riely, C; Trepo, C; Bizollon, T; BottaaFridlund, D; Gerolami, R; Douglas, D; Ranjan, D; Faust, D; Trojan, J; Gane, E; Villa, E; Boarino, M; Sokal, E; Starkel, P; Bonino, F; Maurizio, B; Gordon, F; Pratt, J; Berr, F; Schiefke, I; McCaughan, G; Strasser, S; Dusheiko, G; Pageaux, GP; Larrey, D; Pastore, G; Santantonio, T; Alexander, G; Woodall, T; Van Vlierberghe, H; Colle, I; Harley, H; Guggenheim, J; MyxStaccini, A; Metreau, JM; Mavier, P; Vierling, J; Tran, T; Girgrah, N; Nyberg, L; Yuen, MF; Ma, M; Balnco, MD; Merli, M; Tanzilli, P; Angelico, M; Di Paolo, D; Rizzetto, M; Marzano, A; Lampertico, P; Prieto, M; Berenguer, M; Felder, M; Sterneck, M; Willems, M; Charlton, M; Gunneson, T; Ritter, M; Voight, M; Swift, J; Shiffman, M; Tassopoulos, N; Klissas, I; Naourmov, N; Chamouard, P; Marcellin, P; Durand, F; Angus, P; Nathan, C; Toniutto, P; Fumo, E; Andreone, P; Cursaro, C; Barcena, R; Hoz, FG; Zachoval, R; Christina, M; De Man, RA; Metselaar, H2007188
Safety and efficacy of adefovir dipivoxil in patients with lamivudine-resistant chronic hepatitis B undergoing liver transplantationSchiff, E; Lai, CL; Neuhaus, P; Tillman, H; Samuel, D; Villeneuve, JP; Hadziyanni, S; Arterburn, S; Mommeja-Marin, H; Chuck, S200688
Safety and Efficacy of Adefovir Dipivoxil in Patients with Lamivudine-resistant Chronic Hepatitis B Undergoing Liver TransplantationSchiff, E; Lai, CL; Neuhaus, P; Tillmann, H; Samuel, D; Villeneuve, JP; Hadziyannis, S; Arterburn, S; Mommeja-Marin, H; Chuck, S200692
Adefovir Dipivoxil 10mg (ADV) for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B in Patients Pre-liver Transplantation with Lamivudine-resistant PatientsSchiff, E; Lai, CL; Hadziyannis, S; Neuhaus, P; Terrault, N; Lampertico, P; Tillmann, H; Didier, S; Lama, N; James, C; Currie, G; Brosgart, CL2003142
Prevalence and clinical correlates of YMDD variants during lamivudine therapy for patients with chronic hepatitis BLai, CL; Dienstag, J; Schiff, E; Leung, NWY; Atkins, M; Hunt, C; Brown, N; Woessner, M; Boehme, R; Condreay, L2003293
Natural history and lamivudine response in Asians versus Westerners with chronic hepatitis B. (Abstract)Dienstag, JL; Lai, CL; Hann, HWL; Leung, NWY; Grimm, IS; Schiff, E; Woessner, M; Dent, J; Crowther, L; Brown, NA199996
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