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SEM and TEM analysis on water degradation of human dentinal collagenHashimoto, M; Tay, FR; Ohno, H; Sano, H; Kaga, M; Yiu, C; Kumagai, H; Kudou, Y; Kubota, M; Oguchi, H200399
Water degradation of naked collagen fibrilsHashimoto, M; Tay, FRCM; Ohno, H; Sano, H; Yiu, CKY; Kaga, M; Kudou, Y; Kubota, M200270
Ultrastructural study of a glass ionomer-based, all-in-one adhesiveTay, FR; Sano, H; Tagami, J; Hashimoto, M; Moulding, KM; Yiu, C; Pashley, DH2001137
Ultrastructural study of an all-in-one adhesive containing pre-reacted glass ionomer fillersYiu, CKY; Tay, FR; Sano, H; Tagami, J; Hashimoto, M; Pashley, DH2001150
TEM and STEM/EDX study of an all-in-one adhesive containing pre-reacted glass ionomer fillersTay, FR; Sano, H; Tagami, J; Hashimoto, M; Moulding, KM; Pashley, DH2001171
The glass-ionomer phase in resin-based restorative materialsTay, FR; Pashley, EL; Huang, C; Hashimoto, M; Sano, H; Smales, RJ; Pashley, DH2001158
An ultrastructural study of bonding to dentin smear layersPashley, E; Tay, FR; Sano, H; Carvalho, RM; Pashley, DH2000151
Effect of smear layers on bonding of a self-etching primer to dentinTay, FR; Sano, H; Carvalho, RM; Pashley, DH2000116
Effects of Dentin Depth and Cavity Configuration on Bond StrengthYoshikawa, T; Sano, H; Burrow, ME; Tagami, J; Pashley, DH199961
Effect of intrinsic wetness and regional difference on dentin bond strengthPereira, PNR; Okuda, M; Sano, H; Yoshikawa, T; Burrow, MF; Tagami, J199991
Effect of Operator Variability on Dentin Adhesion: Students vs. DentistsSano, H; Kanemura, N; Burrow, MF; Inai, N; Yamada, T; Tagami, J1998140
Adhesion of resin-modified glass ionomer cements using resin bonding systemsPereira, PNR; Yamada, T; Inokoshi, S; Burrow, MF; Sano, H; Tagami, J1998151
Bond strength to crown and root dentinBurrow, MF; Sano, H; Nakajima, M; Harada, N; Tagami, J1996130
Treatment and prognosis of a vertically fractured maxillary molar with widely separated segments: a case report.Takatsu, T; Sano, H; Burrow, MF199594
Tensile bond strength and SEM evaluation of caries-affected dentin using dentin adhesives.Nakajima, M; Sano, H; Burrow, MF; Tagami, J; Yoshiyama, M; Ebisu, S; Ciucchi, B; Russell, CM; Pashley, DH1995197
Comparative SEM and TEM observations of nanoleakage within the hybrid layer.Sano, H; Yoshiyama, M; Ebisu, S; Burrow, MF; Takatsu, T; Ciucchi, B; Carvalho, R; Pashley, DH1995177
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